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Your old phone? It is the metal material processing

by:Xavier      2020-06-01
Your old phone? It turns out to be the metal processing industry warehouse today small make up wanted to talk to people around the content, is closely related to life absolute content - — 'Old cell phones. How often do you change your mobile phone? The new change? Gears? The old phone or sold or take to change a bowl? Do you know your old cell phone in his pocket set the gold, silver, platinum, copper, tin, all kinds of precious metals, metal processing industry raw materials? According to incomplete statistics, eliminated more than 100 million each year old mobile phone in our country, more than 95% are idle, After ten years into the box turned out) What concept, which is equivalent to? 1 million the old cell phone can be purified to 34 kg of gold, 100 million - the equivalent of 3. 4 tons of gold, silver, platinum other, tin, zinc is not included in. Although this amazing data, make you rich imagination, or even to learn two or three line city vendor for old phones to alchemy, but is actually unable to support domestic technology, that is to say 100 million sets up with a 1. 5 tons of gold. Domestic the old mobile phone to roughly three: idle resold, second-hand recycling in the home renovation, the official to old change new boot ( To put it bluntly or officer turned over the second sale) 。 Compare to other countries, the United States already attaches great importance to the old cell phones out into the market, the federal environmental protection agency (epa) will be the old cell phone along with a refined, packaging materials of various metals used in jewelry, using a variety of industries such as cars, electronic forging materials, producing gold and silver jewelry, auto parts and so on. Said said the United States and Japan, the island once is scarce resources. Japan recycling old phones refining data of the public in 2014 for the silver one. 56 tons, copper 1. 11 tons of gold, 0. 14 tons, the data showed that Japan's old cell phone recycling management policy and technical support, has already had certain foundation, this way can effectively for their own to provide raw materials for the metal processing. Of course, there are many countries follow the example of Japan, such as Britain, Australia, began to in the old phone circulation tasted the sweets. After the news was confirmed, the domestic part of the small workshops began to learn to deal with, but bad processing mode, the old phone many harmful substances in the improper handling directly caused the pollution of the environment. Now, also want to state the corresponding subsidies and policy, let old phones can turn, is regulated by the government to deal with, make one hundred million sets of domestic mobile phone really old metal processing needed gold treasure trove.
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