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You use mobile phones and mechanical processing and related

by:Xavier      2020-07-06
Do you know? Now we each staff to take every step of the mobile phone, all the more inseparable from precision machining, I say this sentence, a lot of people will start to say, what is the relationship between your phone and precision machining? Today we have to chat with you, in fact, the key is very big, and the future of mobile phone precision machining are applied more and more. Mentioned today, we should know more, mobile phone, the first for a moment think of apple, yes, a lot of mobile phone brand, but apple's iphone is definitely a classic representative of mobile phones. Then when everyone is using the iphone ever attention, his machine side frame is made of aluminum alloy, yes, yes, apple 4 or later out of 4 s, 5, 5 s, the fuselage frame is aluminium alloy, all here, someone has a question, what does this have to do and the precision machinery processing, actually this is what people don't know this line we don't know, the aluminum alloy frame is how to make it so, he is after precision machining by nc machine tool. How, in fact, now you can consider, in addition to the apple still has a lot of the basic cell phones are used aluminum body, including samsung, huawei and so on brand, and a lot of phone merchants even take this as a selling point. Because after using the aluminum body, rather than plastic to resistance to fall off, mobile phone, of course, not to fall off. Next many friends will have doubt, aluminum body of mobile phone is, indeed, precision machining out, so there are many not aluminum body of mobile phones, they sum you precision machining it doesn't matter, right? Today I still want to say is, in fact, as long as it is many phone relationship, what relation? That is the hands some small precision parts. These precision parts is you can't see. He assembly in mobile phone inside, these small parts, very small, he is how to produce? Is through precision machining, even to the ultra precision machining, because the parts are very small, must be special processing. Say so many, you should understand, mobile phones and precision machining is inseparable from the mobile phone cannot leave, improper related to mobile phone accessories are more precision machining. This paper addresses: / Shownews. asp吗? ID = 95
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