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Xavier precision machining is so purchase of raw materials

by:Xavier      2020-05-29
Xavier precision machining is such a purchase raw material, after Xavier mentioned raw materials in the website for the importance of precision machining process, for the product quality, raw material quality is based on the fundamental. Bought inferior raw materials, semifinished product used for precision parts processing, can be said to be the challenge operator workmanship, but in my eyes, challenges than their IQ. So today will tell you something about how the Xavier procurement of raw materials. For Xavier, raw materials procurement is a knowledge, how to buy the high quality product with appropriate price, can directly affect the interests of the company and the quality of the products. Xavier team, therefore, often there will be corresponding staff skills training, set different skills courses for each department, purchasing department. For Xavier's purchasing department, supply all kinds of raw materials suppliers need to have the relevant certification qualifications, such as ISO9000. Although have the certificate can't always explain the company didn't have any problems, so Xavier purchasing in choosing a good supplier, also need to show raw material quality inspection to ensure the single supplier related departments. Then this batch of raw material after the related department detection, sure can be used precision machining, and in-depth field in the supplier certification, will eventually in the enterprise to the list of qualified suppliers. Every year and have a field certification, screening next year to continue the cooperation of suppliers, to ensure that we don't have any problem on the quality of source. This is Xavier precision machinery processing enterprises in purchasing raw materials for a series of process overview, hope to be able to let our partner to us more at ease.
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