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Xavier how to ensure precision parts transportation safety

by:Xavier      2020-05-29
Xavier how to ensure precision parts transportation safety precision components are the basic components, mechanical equipment plays a very important role. When I sat down to think, often think of the workshop workers so hard work overtime a precision machining parts, meticulous QA testing is completed, transit due to improper preservation product knock against, the guest can't use, it is a more let a person heartache. So I write here, Xavier decade how transportation precision parts and components, avoid the happening of the risk. To start with, the workpiece in production workshop, the operator will artifacts as baby care, light with light. After the technological process, such as must deliver the parts quality inspection department. Waiting for parts after cooling down, Xavier's qc this batch of parts will be 100% full inspection, after confirmed will completely parts wrapped with bubble paper. I vaguely remember in jingdong buy porcelain for merchants wrapped with a layer of bubble paper, only the results sent to home open on see already by the disconnection in the middle. Don't skimp bubble paper, so in the packaging, package more layers, even package to only see color even shape all look not to come out. After packing, light with light into the box, when loading boxes full of precision parts and components may be handled with great care. Finally is inform the transport of the goods as far as possible choose relatively flat open road transport. This is Xavier operation process, in the transport sector in the most secure way to send parts intact to clients.
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