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Xavier cast detailing what is precision casting, including those types?

by:Xavier      2020-04-10
Precision casting, refers to obtain the precise size of the casting technology. Compared with traditional sand mold casting, precision casting for more precise casting size, better surface finish. It includes: investment casting, ceramic mold casting, metal mold casting, pressure casting, lost foam casting. Precision casting and lost wax casting, its products are precision, complex, close to the final shape, can not machining or rarely used directly, is a kind of advanced technology of formed near net shape. It includes: investment casting, ceramic mold casting, metal mold casting, pressure casting, lost foam casting. Among the more commonly used is the investment casting, also known as the lost wax casting: choose appropriate casting material ( Such as paraffin) Manufacturing investment; Touch on casting refractory coating and sand and refractory process, sclerosis type shell and dry; Then the internal casting melt away, get the cavity; Roasting shell in order to obtain enough strength, and the casting material, burning residual; Casting need metal materials; After shelling solidification cooling, deoxidization, can achieve the high precision finished products. According to the requirements of the product or heat treatment and cold working and surface treatment. Above is Xavier cast detailed description precision casting, such as to demand can inquire. Shenzhen Xavier, metal casting co. , LTD to undertake whole silicon sol lost wax casting precision casting production, its form a complete set of mold manufacturing, precision casting production line, complete and can provide customers with mechanical processing, polishing and surface treatment and other supporting services. We have the most professional engineering team, providing customers with the best quality, economic product design scheme. Mold manufacturing, precision casting, machining, surface treatment,.
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