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Why more and more enterprises to choose to cooperate with Xavier?

by:Xavier      2020-06-01
Why more and more enterprises to choose to cooperate with Xavier? Xavier is established in more than 10 years of precision machinery processing, enterprise purpose is to help clients make fine quality and the best quality products, with good quality market survival, in good and evil people mixed up with advisory service as the foundation of conscience money. Xavier below with a story and tell everyone Xavier and other enterprises, and even 'dirty' what's the difference between merchants. Xavier development up to now, contact customers are mostly foreign companies, most of Japanese enterprises. There was a time, there was a Japanese corporate clients ( The Japanese collaborative translation) The guild company directly, our team immediately anxious relevant personnel received a rather anxious guest. Until after the staff meeting room here, the customer first to a deep bow, we know the partnership has very important meaning for the guest. This batch of mechanical parts accuracy requirement is very high, and the requirements of the processing time is very short - — From the end of the meeting to less than four days the delivery time. Deeply know such orders, our team within the allotted time is very difficult to complete, but we are still the order of the guests. In order to complete this batch of drawing parts in the prescriptive time, our company boss personally led, called for the production team of the day and night fighting, will this batch of parts to your customers on time. Later learned that the enterprise at the same time also to be delivered to another order mechanical processing plants, but the factory processing of product precision deviation is bigger, the guest can't use, the reason is the factory in order to ship the goods within the stipulated time, deal with work and lead to dimensional deviation. Under the confirmation of the guests, with yields and quality of our products, with high accuracy, efficient service for the customer on behalf of the company strong. And, Xavier has become the enterprises designated gold suppliers. This is, of course, only Xavier development a case for more than 10 years, but hope that through this case, to be able to let everybody know where the difference between the Xavier and other precision mechanical processing plants, can let everybody see Xavier can cooperate with more than 200 foreign companies.
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