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Which kind of cutting tools are used in the process of CNC machining _ precision CNC processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-04-01
The vast majority of manufacturing industries in developing trend at that time, all the selected work, industrial equipment, after all, a good manufacturers, are all inevitable machinery and equipment, if not grasp the opportunity for the development trend of nowadays, the development trend of the manufacturer with another comparison will not easy is very good, that is to say, in contrast, will fall behind other manufacturers, so the CNC machining work more you can't drop down. CNC machining, CNC machining cutter has? Now machinery processing, numerical control machine tool bed processing, tool use, there is what? Key drilling iron forging iron coated tungsten steel milling cutter, etc. Relatively to heat. Resistant to wear and tear. The market price. Twist drill, it is more widely. Contains the standard twist drill. The key for basic raw materials. Basic product of the open hole. Group of drill, in view of some special steel can have wonderful effect. Specify the drill center drill. The key for base effect. Chamfering knives, usually can use a little alternative. The key for product fillet. Nc machine tool ball head dao, key products used in machining surface. Perhaps unique main use can also. CNC boring tool, used for boring holes. The general scale adjustable. The key used for machining the hole of relativity regulation is higher. But compared with the milling cutter. Not easy to have the hole. Milling cutter. The key reaming effect. Generally for fine machining. To have correct hole levelness effects. Surface turning tool. Called fly knife. Milling large floor plan. Is nc machine tools common to the cutting tool. Round nose knife, generally is a rough step aside. Also can face milling, etc. Main purpose of relativity. External thread turning tool. Can milling external thread. To wash the external thread programming with programming software process. Tap. Product tapping role. Tap into drilling. The screw tap. Squeeze the tap. Dovetail cutters is famous, its appearance similar dovetail. The key to open a dovetail groove. Engraving cutter. The key for product manual sculpture. Hob. Used for machining holes. Can do mirror glass level make its smoothness. When selecting cutting tools, to make the size of the cutter and the surface of the processed workpiece size and shape. Production, surrounding the plane parts contour machining, often using vertical milling cutter. When milling flat, choose the carbide blade milling cutter; Processing and convex sets, grooves, select HSS end mill; Rough surface or rough machining the hole, the optional carbide tipped corn milling cutter. Choosing end mill processing, the related parameters of cutting tool, recommend the selection according to the empirical data. Surface processing is often a ball milling cutter head, but the processing surface is flat parts, tool at the top of the ball head cutting, cutting condition is bad, and therefore should be used in circular knife. In single or small batch production, to replace the multi-axis linkage machine, cylindrical or conical cutter is often used to some variable Angle parts processing plane and insert disc cutter, suitable for in five coordinate linkage CNC machine processing some sphere, its efficiency is higher than a ball milling cutter head nearly 10 times, and can achieve good precision.
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