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Where there is precision parts processing factory? _ precision parts processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-04-05
Where there is precision parts processing factory? Shenzhen Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD. Is located in shenzhen city, guangdong province Wan Jiang street 1, even the new loop is a precision parts processing more than 10 years old factory, formerly known as hon hai hardware factory, Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD is registered in 2015, the original original horse, just changed the name of the company. Factory at present there are 25 sets of CNC machining center machines, CNC operating machine technician 20, more than 10 senior technicians, our factory has a professional offer engineers, can be in 1 to 4 hours for the process of evaluating bid part you need. Precision parts processing our quotation engineer will according to your figure to evaluate or to sample and processing, the detailed process and the working procedure and the cost you said, our factory is earn precision processing and process cost, the precision parts processing industry is very transparent now, some time ago received the customer to figure processing, but the part of the demand is high, the customer give the price to tell you the truth, this is to do our factory lose the cost, a factory is also need to have a little profit, profit will be better service and better quality assurance. Precision machining done for more than ten years, our factory also calculate MenQing in the precision parts processing industry, our factory can also according to customer's budget, in the case of our factory is not at a loss, high quality and precision of processing for the customer, because our factory in the finishing industry more than ten years, has the ability to control the level of technology and processes, as well as material. Of course, there are customer requirements set up steel processing, our factory can also do this kind of order, the customer is the fellow friends to map processing business, we can also do, but for this list, will ask our factory have some of the profits. Recently have peers always WeChat private chat said, according to the customers' mean to do it, but said the price of low outrageous and ridiculous, of high quality to our factory processing is not enough to pay the electricity charge, how much more technicians and artificial and workshop machines cost of consumables and also process working procedure processing cost, our factory is willing to meet accuracy requirements for quality and price is proportional to the order, we need to keep in long-term and healthy development of the industry, can't say that have no money to earn a lot of hand single also turn to do it, if not guaranteed profits, wasted and fortunately, our factory also offer engineers, as the saying goes: 'a penny a points goods, this is the truth. Wan Jiang 'our factory in shenzhen, if there is a high precision spare parts demand, can come to our factory to discuss cooperation business or business manager detailed communication with us, our factory has the ability, has the strength, equipment, quality, service, enthusiasm, has the sense of responsibility, for the customers friends, rest assured, you can online consulting or click on our company's web site navigation' contact us 'add WeChat business manager in our factory, more professional service for you.
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