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What types precision jig processing

by:Xavier      2020-05-15
Precision jig processing what kinds article we explain in the process of production to ensure product quality and productivity, usually use tooling clip fixture to assist them. Let us understand precision clamping fixture processing plays a role in precision machining! This article make us deeply understand the classification of the jig processing under different circumstances, and a brief analysis on them. 1. Universal fixture. Universal fixture is refers to the structure and size have been normalized, and has a certain commonality of fixtures, such as three jaw self centering chuck, four jaw chuck, vise, universal dividing head, top, center and electronic suction cups, etc. 2. Special fixture. This type of fixture is designed for the machining of the parts of a procedure and design and manufacturing. In the product is relatively stable, large batch production, commonly used all kinds of special fixture, higher productivity and machining precision can be obtained. Special fixture design cycle is long, investment is bigger. 3. Adjustable fixture. Adjustable fixture is for general jig and fixture processing a new fixture. Artifacts of different type and size, need to adjust or change the original fixture on individual positioning elements and clamping elements can be used. It is general can be divided into general adjustable clamp and group two. General scope of the former is better than general fixture is extensive; The latter is a kind of special adjustable fixture, it can according to the principle of group design and machining are similar artifacts, in many varieties, medium and small batch production is used in has the good economic effect. 4. Modular fixture. Modular fixture is a kind of modular fixture. Standard module element has high precision and wear resistance, can be assembled into various fixture. Jig finished with removable, for new assembly fixture after cleaning. Due to the use of modular fixture can shorten the production preparation period, components can be used repeatedly, and has advantages of reducing the number of special fixture, therefore modular fixture in the single, medium and small batch more varieties of production and in the numerical control processing, is a kind of more economic fixture. Modular fixture is also widely used in mechanical processing. 5. Automatic line fixture. Automatic line fixture generally fall into two kinds: one kind of the fixed clamp, it is similar to the special fixture; Another for the pallet, use fixture with artifacts, and remove the workpiece along the automatic line from one location to the next station for processing cutting forming movement is different, so the fixtures and connection way of the machine tool is different. Their machining accuracy requirements are different. According to the purpose can be divided into different categories, jig processing may be classified according to the power source of the clamping: clamp according to the power source of the clamp can be divided into manual and pneumatic clamp, hydraulic fixture, force of gas liquid, electromagnetic fixture, vacuum jig, centrifugal fixture and so on. According to different category, name and so on all is in order to better service and precision machining. The above information is derived from Xavier precision components co. , LTD. , http://www. 瓦乌。 Cn/product purchase to location of https://cfsshilihe, please. 1688. com/
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