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What to do if cnc machining china is damaged during shipping?
If the cnc machining china you have ordered is arrived damaged, please contact Shenzhen Xavier Precision Components Co., Ltd. Customer Service as soon as possible. We will advise you on how best to proceed once the damage has been confirmed and assessed. And when we have confirmed the damage or fault, we will endeavor to repair, replace, or refund items where possible. For fast processing of your return, please ensure the following: retain the original packaging, accurately describe the fault or damage, and attach clear photographs of the damage.

Xavier ​​is rated as the No.1 brand by many clients. According to the material, Xavier Precision Components's products are divided into several categories, and mim parts is one of them. Properties like night vision bracket can be customized to continuous function value optimization. It is extensively sold in the markets of Belgium, USA, Italy, Japan, Korea, and Russia. It is of high efficiency to introduce advanced technology and machines to manufacture more broaching gears with high quality. It has received increasing popularity because it generates little vibration when working.

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