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What should pay attention to when the precision parts processing _ precision parts processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-04-07
People carry out every work must pay attention to matters, especially in precision parts processing at that time, it is like to be able to work in the then get good practical effect. Today with everyone together to learn what to pay attention to training the precision parts processing, the following: 1, mechanical work before check the fitness movement part is filling grease, then starting and check if everything is normal, clutch, brake system and will turn 1 - CNC lathe airmail 3 minutes, machinery has a common failure operation is prohibited. 2, maintain proper posture at work, want to have plenty of vigor to work, such as discover body uncomfortable will immediately leave post, and to the leading cadres. Concept of operations must be centralized, prohibit gossip, cooperate with each other, the operators in the case of upset, tired of avoid by all means, to prevent safety accidents, ensure the operation safety. All worker before into the post, check if their clothes to work standard. It is forbidden to wear sandals, high heels and endanger safety clothing, long hair to sending a helmet. 3, changing abrasive power first, high-speed punch press fitness unit terminated after the operation, can start installation, adjust the grinding tool. Installed after the adjustment, with the hand move the flywheel try 2 times and check about abrasive is symmetry, effective, screw is strong, and the circle is on the effective parts. 4, be sure to other staff to leave all the machinery working area, and remove dirt from the work table, can start power start machine. 5, mechanical work, forbidden to hand in guide rail sliding block workspace, with the hand, put the steel pieces is prohibited. , put the steel pieces in the stamping die to application of special tools. Such as find machines have abnormal sound or equipment is ineffective, should first turn off the power master switch to carry out the inspection. Machinery starts, material handling machine mechanical operation by one man, others do not press the turbine or stamped on the pedal switch board, more not to hand in the machine workspace or hand touched the mechanical part of fitness. 6, when off duty, should spare switch power supply, and combing the manufactured goods, on the good job edge material and dirt, etc. , ensure the office environment cleaning and security.
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