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What role does the cutting fluid to grinding machining

by:Xavier      2020-05-28
What role does the cutting fluid to grinding machining grinding machining, is the use of grinding machine for grinding tool ( Grinding wheel) The high-speed rotation of the workpiece for rough machining and finish machining. Because of grinding tool high-speed rotation, and workpiece machining surface friction heat generating heat deformation of workpiece, grinding wheel is heated to speed up the wear and tear, increased the cost of production, so in grinding often use cutting fluid. Cutting fluid in the site contains detailed introduction, its classification and characteristics, today only to the effect of cutting fluid in the grinding process to do a detailed explanation. Cooling effect: due to the nature of cutting fluid has heat conduction, can take away most of the friction heat. Explain here, grinding, grinding wheel rotation speed can be up to 3600 r/S, the temperature as high as 1000 - 1500 ℃, without the effect of cutting fluid, deformation of the workpiece is heated. Lubrication effect: when cutting the droplets on the workpiece surface, grinding wheel and workpiece contact, can make cutting fluid infiltrated abrasive grinding wheel, can effectively reduce the friction between workpiece and grinding wheel, reduce the surface roughness of work piece. Antirust effect: due to the workpiece in the process of machining grinding, the surface easy to corrosion, and cutting fluid having the features of anti-corrosion, rust. Cleaning effect: the workpiece in high speed grinding process, there are always wear debris on the workpiece surface, if not be cutting fluid will wear debris flushing, will damage when in the grinding surface, it is difficult to present the appearance of the beautiful. Above is the cutting fluid during machining with the main function of grinding, cutting fluid for grinding provides good construction conditions, can effectively improve the production efficiency, reduce scrap rate of the workpiece.
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