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What processing precision CNC machining parts should pass? _ precision CNC processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-03-28
What processing precision CNC machining parts should pass? For a factory engaged in precision parts processing more than 10 years old, these are all MenQing, precision CNC processing need to pass in the processes or by the complexity of the components, as well as the material and so on. In simple terms a part like a little more complicated then this part will be treated with the following several kinds of machining process. 1, 2, lathe, grinding machine processing processing 3, 5, milling machine, heat treatment processing, walking wire processing 7, 6 parts surface treatment ( Heat treatment and oxidation treatment, chrome plating, black nickel plating processing, steel processing, aluminum color processing, bluing, black finish, sandblasting oxidation treatment, and so on craft process) 。 8 and finish machining process; Do finish machining processing on the CNC machining center machines. 9, also need the walls open thick deburr, over and over again on CNC machining center machines finish machining processing. So the batch processing parts for these would be cost-effective some precision parts processing factory, we do a parts is because of you, batch parts is doing, batch words will save our engineers drawing process programming efficiency and human cost of energy. Precision parts processing factory we do also have more than ten years, the processing also help peer friends business to do, to do small batch precision parts processing, there are large quantities of precision parts processing orders.
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