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What methods of precision machining

by:Xavier      2020-07-09

precision parts processing is associated with the manufacture of high-end products, the performance of the product also has higher requirements, and the inevitable event, because will improve the quality of the products will spare parts requirements for product improvement. Precision machinery parts processing is a very fine an industry, the complexity of its production process, process fine, relative to other machine tool processing has a very obvious gap, is very strict with the quality of the product error. So what methods of precision machining? Here is to introduce one by one to you:

1. According to machine tool parts of precision machining method classification

installation classification of important parts of the machine tool can be divided into: cabinets, base, shaft, flange, sheet metal, etc.

2。 Classification according to the production process of precision machining method

different equipment corresponds to the different process, general lathe is the most common device which contains a nc lathe with ordinary lathe, CNC and general in the car and contains, planer, milling machine, grinding machine, wire cutting machine, etc.

precision parts processing is actually on the performance of the size of the product or change process, and according to the machining parts temperature environment, precision parts processing can be divided into thermal and cold. Room temperature we call cold working, and at high or low temperature environment we call it the price of hot working.

that is about the method of precision machining is introduced, the hope can bring you some help, yingtan company is specialized in manufacturing metal non-standard parts, ¢0. 5 - ¢20 mm stainless steel, titanium, aluminum etc metal precision parts manufacturing for many years precipitation technology. Welcome to figure to sample processing customized.

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