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What material is needed to do blank in mechanical parts processing _ precision machinery parts processing manufacturer

by:Xavier      2020-04-05
Is the use of metal parts, screws, or nuts, the use of other parts, the fundamental reason for industrial equipment in the continued ascent, you look at today's space technology, or is the use of CNC machinery, mold accessories production and processing, all has the industrial equipment tools, overall has the efficacy of the whole is more significant, improve production and processing speed, manufacturer to produce a certain economic benefits, this is quite good. Production and processing machinery spare parts, machinery spare parts production and processing application market how! ! 吗? From mechanical processing and manufacturing, precision machinery parts manufacturing, blank with clear, not only harm the rationality of the blank manufacturing, and the rationality of the mechanical processing and manufacturing. Therefore when clear blank, not only considering the elements on the level of heat treatment, and take into account the elements on the level of economic development, but also with the provisions of the cold drawn level, from a blank in this stage, reduce the manufacturing cost parts. A, casting: like multifarious parts blank, appropriate chooses forging manufacturing way. At present most castings in sand mold casting, it is divided into wooden handmade modelling design and modelling of metal mould equipment design. Wooden handmade modelling design casting low accuracy, great capacity of production and processing surface, low productivity, two small batch manufacturing or large and medium-sized forging parts. Metal mould device modelling design high productivity, high precision castings, but machine equipment cost is high, the casting the net weight is restricted, for mass production of small and medium-sized castings. Second, small high quality regulation of small and medium-sized castings can choose special forging, such as work pressure forging, the suction filter manufacturing and investment casting, etc. Second, forgings: high impact toughness rules of steel parts, generally use the forging blank. Forgings have free forging forgings and forging pieces of the two. Free forging forgings with handmade quenching ( Small and medium-sized blank) , mechanical equipment hammer forging ( Small and medium-sized blank) Or punch press forging ( Large and medium-sized blank) Means, etc. This kind of forging precision is low, productivity is not high, the machining allowance is very big, and the structure of the parts must be simple and easy, used two piece and small batch production and manufacturing, and manufacturing of large forgings. Die forging precision and process performance is better than free forgings, and the appearance of the forgings can also be more complex, so can reduce machining allowance of mechanical equipment. Die forging productivity is higher than the free forging many, but must be unique machine equipment and forging die, so the large quantities of big big small and medium-sized forgings. Three, profiles, profiles according to cross section appearance can be divided into: garden steel, square steel, six Angle steel, galvanized flat steel, Angle steel, round steel, steel and his unique cross section profile. Profiles are hot rolled and cold drawn two kinds big. Hot rolled low profile precision, but the price is low, to the general parts of blank; Hard-drawn profile norms is lesser, high precision, easy to maintain full automatic feeding, but the price is higher, how to mass production and manufacturing, is fully automatic CNC lathe processing. Four, weldment: weldment is to use of fusion welding process, welding welding manufacturing is the advantage of simple and easy, short cycle time, save raw materials, defect is the difference in vibration resistance, large deformation, must after aging treatment can be carried out mechanical processing and manufacturing. Effectively adopt mechanical equipment manufacture high precision parts blank, not only save raw material cost, and can save a lot of production and processing time, increase productivity.
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