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What is turning

by:Xavier      2020-07-05

we often hear in nc machining & other; Turning parts & throughout; , then turning a what mean? The following by the so-called & under our belt you know other Turning parts & throughout; 。

turning parts, is simply to use on the lathe numerical control lathe products processed into a kind of parts. Is through the rotation movement between the workpiece and cutting tool between the straight line or curve movement to change the shape and size of the blank is processed into parts conform to the requirements of the drawings.

turning processing is one of the most common kind of machining method, suitable for most of the workpiece processing, can achieve high accuracy, turning pieces of many species, including hard turning, high thermal stability in the most famous, and also the most widely used. Then let's to learn more about the hard turning.

choose reasonable hard turning system can reduce or even eliminate high costs and processing time, high accuracy is achieved at the same time so as to maximize the utilization rate of equipment. So when choosing the reasonable turning parts we should consider the following factors:

1, the cooling fluid. Without coolant cutting has a cost advantage, but in continuous cutting, cooling fluid can improve the smoothness of the surface at the same time prolongs the service life of cutting tools, and use to use water-based coolant fluid. In the process of cutting away most of the heat, protect the machine operators and also to prevent scald.

2, albino layer. Also called heat affected zone, in the process of cutting, due to excessive heat transfer to the inside parts, albino layer formed on the bearing steel, often operating personnel to random spot check, so, in order to determine how much each blade can be turning parts and not form an albino layer.

3, machine tool. The stiffness of machine tool is largely determines the hard cutting machining accuracy. In order to keep all the parts as much as possible close to the turret head be systematic, try to minimize impending extension, cutting tool and parts of out and cancel the gap and washer.

4, threading. Using the appropriate blade is the key, the best is triangular. Appropriate increase the number of feed and reduce cutting depth, at the same time with the method of alternating sides cut can control the cutting force and prolong the service life of cutting tools.

5, and artifacts. The most suitable for hard turning parts with smaller length to diameter ratio ( L / D) , generally speaking, no support artifacts L/D ratio of no more than 4:1, supported the workpiece L/D ratio is not greater than 1. Despite tailstock support thin parts, but due to the large cutting pressure is still likely to cause vibration. In order to maximize the hard turning system of rigid, should try to reduce the overhanging. The cutting tool out length shall not be greater than 1 cutter bar height. 5 times.

6, boring. Boring hardening material takes a lot of cutting pressure, so often need to multiply boring bar under torque force and tangential force. The positive rake Angle, 35° Or 55 & deg; ) , a small nose radius can reduce the pressure of the cutting blade. In the increase of cutting speed at the same time reduce the cutting depth and feed speed, is also a way to reduce the pressure of cutting.

7, process. Because most of the hard turning the heat generated by the by the chip away, before and after processing chip for check whether coordinates can be found throughout the process. Continuous cutting, the chip should submit burning of orange, and elegant like a ribbon. If chip cooling after a basic fracture pressure with the hand, show that chip away heat is normal.

8, blade. CBN inserts is the most suitable for hard turning, although its price is expensive, but in the process of continuous cutting its can provide the safest tool wear rate, relative to the performance of the ceramic and metal ceramic blade is far ahead.

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