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What is the welding jig?

by:Xavier      2020-05-29
What is the welding jig? Jig now used more widely, in addition to the traditional cutting jig, and welding jig, assembly jig and so on. Cutting clamping fixture object is mostly a parts, and the welding technology of product object is composed of several parts assembly, welding jig is actually belongs to a kind of assembly jig. On the welding jig and the traditional cutting jig, in contrast, there are several characteristics and differences of: welding technology is lower than the precision of cutting process control, so the welding jig also than cutting jig making precision is lower. The stress of the parts and in the process of welding fixture is much lower than machining, but parts of the welding process installation clamping often need to consider the influence of welding thermal deformation and thermal stress. According to the use of flexible jig, fixture can be classified as special fixture and general fixture, special jig has very important application in the manufacturing industry, especially in some very complex and is a precision parts processing production or the mass production of machinery and equipment products. Because of the special fixture is designed for some special customized precision parts processing process, so to be able to fully consider various factors in the fixture design, such as in addition to including the positioning accuracy, stability and system factors such as the rigidity of fundamental requirements clamping positioning, also can consider to as much as possible convenient component factors such as loading, clamping and disassembly, in order to improve the efficiency of the machining process. In recent years, in the manufacturing fields, the application of modularization combination jig is increasing, which is also a reason for that. Flexible medium and small batch production mode, for example, more and more widespread, which requires the jig system also have a certain flexible as far as possible, so that they can under the condition of ensure the quality of convenient to quickly adapt to the adjustment of products and production process, in addition, in recent years the production and processing technology and equipment improvement, such as a large amount of machining center and a large number of precision machinery processing factory of the application of welding robot, and modular combination jig technological improvements, such as installation of efficiency improvement, improve the accuracy of precision machinery parts, etc. , have promoted the application of modular fixture and popularity. The above information is derived from Xavier precision components co. , LTD. , more products please click the link for http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/
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