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What is the reason of oil leakage in CNC machining center? _ precision parts processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-04-03
During the whole process of processing, do not always have some unexpected problems problem, but no matter what problem immediately, the oil is a more common problem, if have oil, very easy to find, because this is caused by spare parts or CNC milling machine hydraulic cylinder. Given the is an accessory, it is very easy to maintenance. If is a cylinder, and is very inconvenient, so it will be more serious cause equipment to complete. Together we have a look at what is causing the CNC solution system vulnerability management center. High precision parts processing crude oil change is not in conformity with the provisions. It also often lead to oil spill in the center of the CNC machining. The defects of refined oil business embodied in three aspects. In view of the low viscosity lubricating grease parts, any conversion high viscosity grease, harm to relative shell, diameter of shaft sealing properties. Second, when the conversion of the automobile oil box is not clear, will be stain into the car's tank body lubrication system, blocking the fuel pipe, the damage sealing oil leak. Because of mixing of rotating components, especially in mixing is rotational component, oil spill situation is very easy to produce more. Oil leakage because of poor lubrication system each part of the selection and adjustment. CNC machining technology, for example, maintenance staff to pick or gasoline pumps, high pressure or adjust the system software work pressure, speed regulating valve, valve, regulating valve, etc. , numerical control lathe work pressure lubrication system adjustment, if the system software and flow and pump oil sealing system software is not matching, will cause the oil leakage. In fact, CNC machining center oil leak point is not only stated, if encounter similar problem, people in the actual operation is important to examine, immediately find a reason, to prevent unnecessary damage. After processing center of choose and buy, do a comprehensive inspection, look at the faults or parts damage, if there are any casting have to contact the manufacturer immediately. In order to solve collaborative management center operators and CNC work, should also pay attention to the following content: high precision parts processing, CNC tool radius compensation processing technology should be chosen for the first time monopole operation method. Since the launch of CNC milling machine, the speed ratio and feed ratio S is at least part, after drilling processing efficiency promoted. CNC milling machine in the operation, should pay attention to the numerical control machine tool coordinate display information. It is strictly prohibited to use hand touch CNC milling machine CNC blade and cut. You must use a soft brush cleaning integrated IC.
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