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What is the precision parts processing _ precision parts processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-03-27
What's the characteristics of high precision spare parts? Do you know what call high precision machinery parts processing? According to the literal meaning: that is a high precision machining. High precision machinery parts processing is one of the types of mechanical processing, only this is precision machinery processing, with the development of industrial production and the requirements of the continuous transformation, is inseparable from the machining already changed many, it's classified as more and more, its orientation is more thin, bearing are more systematic, along with the development of high science and technology of its technical also continues to improve, the quality of the production and processing and the precision is high. The development of high science and technology and economic development sense is inseparable from the machinery and equipment development orientation. Since a mechanical equipment, there is always the relative mechanical parts. But as a course, structural mechanical parts in mechanical equipment and structural mechanics. With the development of China's machinery, a new design theory and methods, the emergence of new materials, new technology and new technology, mechanical parts into the new development. The finite element method and fracture mechanics, fluid mechanics dynamic pressure RunHua ductility, improve design, reliability design, cad design ( CAD) Line, entity model ( Pro, Ug, Solidworks等) , structured analysis and design methodology, such as basic theory has been gradually used to scientific research and design of mechanical parts. As soon as possible a comprehensive various courses, be combined closely with the macro economy and external economy, the basic principle and structure, explore new heavily choose daily dynamic design and precise design, more reasonable use of the computer, the further development of design theory and method, is the key to the development of curriculum. So sophisticated machinery and equipment more to integration in the future, it's not simple mechanical processing, it and the combination of new technology, but more fully play its efficacy, very is the development of production and processing of intelligent make it caused over nature. After that it will become a key scientific research, service project in industrial production development.
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