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What is the precision parts? Precision parts processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-04-06
What is the definition of the mechanical parts? What is the mechanical parts? Relative forging and forging parts? Under the definition of mechanical parts: parts can not be shard of separate parts. Perform a particular action ( Or responsibilities) The composition of the. Part of the parts can be several components or component. In this type of composition, part behavior main body part of it to keep clear efficacy ( Or:) , only give full play to the rest of the connection and tighten, function keys, etc. Precision parts machining parts in general, all parts and components other than the equipment architecture called parts and parts. Perhaps, this iron frame is a part of. The forging and casting parts, manufacturing way to carry out the classification of parts. Different raw materials and manufacturing methods of components with different physical properties. And is not the same as the definition of and parts. So how do I draw engineering drawings of mechanical parts? If CAD is simple, mechanical parts are generally painted on the paper of three data chart: the main view ( The front pattern) The main view (before, The above pattern) , left main view ( On the left side of the pattern) 。 That the general simple part of the three paintings clearly state, such as shaft sleeve. Red in the construction of the engineering drawings to draw the section figure, part of getting a larger version, is to disconnect a component, the relation between the structure and specifications clearly, such as screw holes, reducer, gear, etc. Understand that so much is insufficient, when you want to draw detailed, also want to see a lot of mechanical part drawing, in fact most of the assembly drawing are all use, there are many key points to note, training, reading can be. In addition, the standardization of the mechanical parts have their own production and manufacturing, it is the norms of quantitative analysis for mechanical parts, such as dry screw length, diameter and a series of parts of a unified specification, making equipment failure repair is very convenient. The accurate measurement and China's first emperor unified the text, language, accurate measurement and precisely measure the same thing! Nate manufacturing all kinds of precision machinery and equipment parts in the end, to remove part of police officers. Mechanical parts key from plant oil stains, rust inhibitor etc. Mix oily be soiled, can use alkaline cleaning fluid to clean, photoelectric catalysis cleaning, still can clean with ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine has a unique type cleaning, cleaning belongs to industrial production. Application of alkaline cleaning fluid to clean. Organic chemical cleaning process of alkaline cleaning fluid are as follows: alkaline cleaning - installation Washed by hand, 50 - 900 c water) Dry mania ( Clean hot air compressed dry mania, must strict dry component, after dry mania, must also be in 10 - 1150 c electric heater gas dry mania in drying oven for 10 minutes. Alkaline cleaning fluid photoelectric catalysis cleaning should pay attention to: the equipment surface not to wash the oil pollution, oil pollution of the environment of partial thick, general cast iron pieces in the cathode and anode oxidation on the thick wall stainless steel sheet, strong stainless steel plate can't wash the anodic oxidation ( In order to prevent hydrogen embrittlement, etc. ) ; Copper and photoelectric catalysis cleaning machine can't wash the anodic oxidation of raw materials ( In order to prevent the raw material surface) ; Medicine on time resolution, pharmaceutical analysis.
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