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What is the precision die parts processing flow?

by:Xavier      2020-05-10
What is the precision die parts processing flow? In the precision machining industry, each part has its own process, precision mould parts is no exception. Is needed in precision die parts processing precision processing equipment and testing equipment, technical personnel in the process need to master professional knowledge and careful and meticulous patience and experience. So what's the process in the precision mold processing accessories? Today, more than 15 years experience in the industry of non-standard precision machining of shenzhen Xavier precision components co. , LTD. , co. , LTD. , with bring to explain in detail. 。 In non-standard precision processing enterprises, before making mould parts process planning, should be detailed analysis of the mold parts diagram, technical conditions, structural features as well as the role of the artifacts in the mould and so on. In precision die parts processing, attention should be paid to choose die parts blank manufacturing methods. Engineer to process level course, pay attention to rough, finishing benchmark choice, to determine the heat treatment process, processing stage carefully divided into preliminary to formulate and optimize the confirmation. In the process of drafting process, should choose reasonable processing equipment, tool, fixture and measuring tool for two or more solutions, choose the best scheme for processing, according to the billet material and performance, or a look-up table to determine the cutting dosage calculation. Now mold application technology development is particularly important, application areas of automotive, electrical, instrumentation and wireless electronic products and so on, has an important place in people's life also. Therefore, precision die parts processing process need to be familiar with bear in mind that enterprise workers and technical personnel should also pay attention to the point. More precision mold parts, please click the link query http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155089 - 0 - 0. html
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