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What is the mechanical parts _ precision machinery parts processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-04-06
Definition of precision machinery parts is what? What belongs to mechanical parts? Relativity shall be of cast iron parts, forging parts and how? Definition of mechanical parts are: 1, parts - - - - - - Can't separate parts of breakup. 2, component - - - - - - - Maintain a position ( Or:) The parts. Can components is a part, also is the combination of several parts. In this combination, one part is the key, it keep clear pose ( Or:) , other parts only have connection, auxiliary tools such as tight, guidance effect. 3, spare parts - - - - - - - In generally, all the parts and components in addition to sound card racks, known as spare parts. Perhaps, sound card racks are artifacts. For cast iron and forging parts, is part of manufacturing mode classification. Different raw materials and manufacturing methods, make the parts have different physical properties. And spare parts are not the same definition. If so how to draw mechanical parts of engineering drawing CAD is straightforward, a mechanical parts typically on a piece of paper to draw three figure: main view ( From parts are seen before) , the front view ( See figure above) from the parts , ZuoJing figure ( From parts are left to see figure) 。 Generally straightforward part drawing these three will be able to speak clearly, such as gear shaft. Structural analysis of figure, also want to draw sectional view, part of getting a larger version, that is to say the cut parts of a certain position, its clarity, structure and specifications such as screw holes, gear box, gear, etc. Know so much less than, if want to know how the actual detailed drawing, also want to see the mechanical parts chart, in fact, in fact, there are most used in assembly drawing, often have many key points to take care of that, more training, study with respect to OK. In addition the standardization production of mechanical parts and manufacturing, this is the dry standard quantitative analysis of the components for the mechanical equipment, such as the length of the screw, straight through, the unified specification, a number of components do mechanical equipment once appear, the anomaly is very conducive to the maintenance. The countermeasure and the China's first emperor unified text, speech and have the same weights and measures of the wonderful! Shenzhen Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD production of various high precision mechanical components. Finally to say police implements parts cleaning. Mechanical parts of key have grease stains, rust processing plant oils and he compound oil dirties, can use alkaline cleaning fluid, photoelectric catalysis cleaning cleaning, also can use ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning is a type of professional cleaning, cleaning belong to industrial production. Using alkaline cleaning fluid to clean. Alkaline cleaning fluid production of organic chemical cleaning process for: install hang - caustic soda solution cleaning - washed by hand ( 50 - 900 c water) - dry mania ( Hot compressed air drying, provisions of the clean sealed parts, after compressed air drying, must also be - in 105 Bake in 1150 c electric heating drum wind drying oven for 10 min, adopts photoelectric catalysis of alkaline cleaning fluid cleaning, alkaline aqueous solution of photoelectric catalysis cleaning should pay attention to the following points: the thick oily be soiled, not suitable for cleaning parts surface oil should be used when the thick other ways to carry out the pre cleaning; Common cast iron parts should be cleaned on the cathode, in the anodic oxidation on clean again, for yellow, thick wall cast iron parts, such as pieces of ultra high strength steel plate can't wash on the cathode ( To prevent raw material permeability of hydrogen, cause hydrogen embrittlement phenomenon) ; For copper, zinc, nickel and other raw materials made of parts can't be cleaning on anodic oxidation ( In order to prevent air oxidation) raw material surface ; On time to carry out the qualitative analysis of lithium battery electrolyte, fill the medicine according to the analysis results.
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