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What is the mechanical parts?

by:Xavier      2020-07-15
What is the definition of mechanical parts? Which belongs to the mechanical parts? The corresponding casting parts, forging parts and how? The definition of mechanical parts is: 1, parts - - - - - - - Can't break up of the individual components. - 2, part - - - - - - Implement an action ( Or:) Combination of parts. Components can be a part, also can be a combination of multiple parts. In this combination, one part is the main, it implements the established action ( Or:) , other parts only have connection, fastening, guide, etc. 3, - parts - - - - - - Under normal circumstances, the all parts and components, other than the rack are collectively referred to as spare parts. Of course, frame and parts. As for the casting and forging parts, is parts manufacturing method of classification. Different materials and manufacturing methods, make the parts have different mechanical properties. With the concept of components is not the same. So how mechanical parts drawings painting will CAD is simple, a general mechanical parts on a piece of paper to draw three figure: main view ( See figure) from the front parts , the front view ( From the above parts are see figure) , the left view ( Seen from parts are the left photo) 。 General drawing these three simple parts will have to do is clear, such as gear shaft. Complex figure, but also draw sectional view, local amplification, is to open a part of the parts, its inner structure and size clearly, such as screw hole, gear box, gear and so on. Know so much is not enough, if you want to know exactly how in detail, more see mechanical parts diagram, is mostly used in the practical and assembly drawing, there are many details should pay attention to, practice more, and read with respect to OK. The other mechanical parts also has its own standardization production, this is the United States made the components for the mechanical standard quantitative, such as length, diameter of the screw, and so on a series of components have uniform standard, so once the mechanical failure is very easy to repair. The measure and the Chinese emperor qin shi huang unified words, language, weights and measures has the same effect! In the end, is the mechanical parts cleaning. Mechanical parts of dirt are mainly oil grease, rust and other mixture of clay, can use alkaline cleaning fluid to clean, electrochemical cleaning, also can use ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning machine is a special category of cleaning cleaning, industrial cleaning. Using alkaline cleaning fluid to clean. Alkaline cleaning fluid chemical cleaning process for: install hang - alkali cleaning - water ( 50 - 900 c hot water) - dry ( Clean hot air blow dry, tight spare parts, after compressed air blow dry, in 105 - is needed Bake in 1150 c of the electrothermal blowing 10 min. Using alkaline cleaning fluid electrochemical cleaning alkaline solution of electrochemical cleaning should pay attention to the following points: unfavorable surface cleaning part thicker oil, the oil is required for a thicker using other methods to pre cleaning; General steel should be cleaned on the cathode, then at the anode, for spring, thin-walled steel parts, such as ultra high strength steel can't wash on the cathode ( To avoid hydrogen permeability material, produce hydrogen embrittlement phenomenon) ; For materials such as copper, zinc, nickel parts can't wash on the anode ( Avoid material surface oxidation) ; Quantitative analysis of electrolyte on a regular basis, according to the analysis results are complementary medicine. Address: / shownews. asp吗? id = 109
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