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What conditions are required to open a computer gongs processing plant _ computer gongs processing plant

by:Xavier      2020-03-30
What conditions are required to open a computer gongs processing factory shenzhen Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD is a professional engaged in precision parts processing and the strength of the manufacturers, the factory have twenty-five computer gongs processing center, commonly known as 'CNC machining center. As an entrepreneur, open a computer gongs processing plants, need to how much computer gongs machining center? ! The following detail for you. A mass computer gongs, if you open the computer gongs processing factory is a large computer gongs processing plants, need to have dozens of computer gong gong to hundreds of computer processing center processing center. Need you have enough cash reserves, recruiting enough operating computer gongs fuck machine technician, drawing and computer gongs processing programming engineers, OC, IPQC, mechanical process engineers, sales, network technician quotation. , may be you are a more traditional entrepreneurs website is a company must need to do, later the factory's main source of new customers basic it is with the network, as an entrepreneur, an entrepreneur before startup, these basic are need enough money to make up. If this is your first business, suggest to buy some second-hand computer gongs processing center, buy a 30 or so is enough, waiting for your answer the list of your factory of the machine can't digest and then add new computer gongs machining center. Generally open a computer gongs processing plants, according to the size of the you buy 30 sets, you need to hire computer gong fuck machine technician at least thirty people, also have to hire computer gongs processing workshop supervisor, quality department, office, the finance, the construction of the salesman, website technicians, etc. These are the most basic configuration. Open factory in this configuration, salary spending requires a minimum of 300000 per month, if your network resources, network accumulation alone, you may need to stay in a few months to have list, the worst result is that the first half of 1. 8 million almost payrolls have ready, buy computer gongs machining machines, say less back and forth around 2. 5 million. It was 30 or so computer gongs machining center to calculate. Now open factory is not so good, need enough capital reserves, to wait for business to develop new customers, maintain the normal operation of the factory. Here said the network you are concerned about this, if you open a factory, want to have a good enough and long-term stability or 360 baidu, sogou natural search keywords ranking. So here is cannot leave a job SEO engineers. Could you here is the first time heard that SEO engineers, also don't know the technique is doing this job, I now give you details of the story: SEO engineers can help enterprises to build website, and then through the optimization of the structure of web page code, as well as cater to baidu search engine ranking of high quality web page ranking algorithm of rules, to architecture site structure and optimize the site keywords ranking. Speak more is the engineer can optimize the website such as baidu SEO keyword search engine ranking. A corporate web site keywords that had better search rankings, natural exposure and the customer will be accumulated to a certain extent, the development of the long-term health of enterprise vitality is good. SEO engineers on the market the job you need to recruit, generally the base salary of not less than 8500 RMB, comprehensive basic salary more than ten thousand. So now open computer gongs processing plants, although the traditional mechanical manufacturing industry, but the cost is larger, the premise is you in the case of not received a big order, the factory can maintain normal operation for a long time. Second, the small batch computer gongs processing described above to open a medium-sized computer gongs processing factory and keep the factory running in the early years of the labor and capital, now for you, if you don't have that much power and capital reserves, can consider first small investment, that is to control the business risk and start-up costs, such as you don't have to buy 30 computer gongs processing center, it is ok to buy 10 computer gongs machining center, this also calculate early start-up factory don't have that much pressure. Here, you might say, that's not a big order coming, not just don't have the ability to processing? Here you don't have to worry about, do you have any orders, return afraid do not to come out? You completely don't have to worry about this issue. Shenzhen Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD. Our factory is a medium-sized computer gongs processing factory, if you are a factory, then order more, can't digest their factory, our factory Xavier precision can also help you generation processing, spare parts processing, we ensure the quality, integrity, responsible for plant Xavier precision, serious!
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