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What can CNC lathe processing parts

by:Xavier      2020-07-04

CNC lathe processing enterprises in the use of much more special, almost CNC lathe equipment determines the strength of a processing enterprise, this is because the CNC lathe can work much more than ordinary lathe workpiece, so what can CNC lathe machining parts? By yingtan to introduce below:

who can on the ordinary lathe processing can use of axially symmetrical parts CNC lathe processing, because CNC lathe machining accuracy is relatively high, and can automatically adjust the speed, in the process of machining process range is wide than ordinary lathe.

CNC lathe which has stronger rigidity than ordinary lathe, and higher precision of the knife, can enter compensation is convenient and accurate. So can CNC lathe machining precision of workpiece size will be higher, so the general nc lathe is used for machining high precision requirements of the workpiece.

the constant speed of the CNC lathe cutting, to be a best cutting speed of workpiece, and the numerical control lathe processing of the workpiece surface roughness is relatively small, and the quality is very unified uniform.

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