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What are the welding method of large frame welding processing?

by:Xavier      2020-09-28
Large frame welding is a welding way tong, iron and other parts for the processing and manufacturing into frame, welding is a kind of joint in the form of heat, high temperature or high pressure metal or other thermoplastic materials such as plastic manufacturing technology, then what are large frame welding process of welding method? 1. Welding welding is heated to melt in welding process, the workpiece interface state, do not add pressure to complete welding method. Fusion welding, the heat will stay two welding workpiece interface heat melting rapidly, forming molten pool. Molten pool with heat source moving forward, continuous weld is formed after cooling and connect the two artifacts as a whole. 2. Pressure welding welding is under the condition of pressure, make the two artifacts in solid state bonding between atoms, also called solid-state welding. Commonly used is the butt welding, pressure welding process when a current flows through the connection end of the two artifacts, it due to the resistance being very high temperatures, when heated to a plastic state under axial pressure is connected as a whole. 3. Brazing brazing is to use than the metal material of workpiece, low melting point solder, the workpiece heated to higher than the melting point solder, and filler metals is lower than the temperature of the melting point of workpiece, using liquid solder wetting artifacts, filling gaps and artifacts to realize mutual diffusion between atoms, so as to realize the welding method. 17 years precipitation concentration and improving the supply chain system, owns more than 100 top 10 international first-line brand CNC CNC machining center and perfect testing equipment, to meet customer demand for precision parts; Has 20 years experience team of engineers per capita, have strong ability of research and development, design, production, assembly, for medical, semiconductor, automation, automobile, optical, and other areas of the different customers with industrial supporting one-stop service, welcome to figure custom!
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