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What are the requirements for precision parts processing _ precision parts processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-03-22
High precision parts processing process has very strict rules, a bit not careful will cause the workpiece when machining deviation more than size tolerance category, must once again processing, or MAO embryo was released, greatly improved the production cost. Therefore, today's shenzhen Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD. , senior engineer, high precision parts processing under what rules? Can help people to improve productivity. 1, the regulation of the mechanical parts of the specifications of the level, must strict according to the size tolerance regulations to carry out the processing of engineering drawings. While the company processing and manufacturing parts in specification and engineering drawings in fact not easy, but actually specification in the range of basic theoretical specification size tolerance, belong to pass the goods, can be applied parts. 2, CNC processing manufacturers of machinery and equipment level regulation, rough and finish machining should be applied different characteristics of machinery and equipment. For rough machining process is carried out 'the position of the wool embryo most drilling, the workpiece in cutting speed, deep drilling conditions can cause a lot of stress concentration, and can no longer carry out finishing at the moment. Artifacts after a certain time to carry out the finishing process, should work on a high precision numerical control lathe, the precision of the workpiece can be very high. Rhonda, dry all machinery and equipment property to ensure the customer's goods supply high quality, high quality management on time. 3, high precision parts processing often have metal surface treatment and conditioning treatment process, metal surface treatment should be in the precision machinery processing. During the whole process and the precision machinery processing, the put apart after the metal surface treatment should be considered tomographic alternated. Conditioning treatment is to improve the processability of metal materials, and therefore must be in before machining. Every year in shenzhen is organic chemistry processing machinery exhibition, every high-grade precision parts processing export companies often have their own good at precision parts processing capacity - — High-grade super precision parts processing, machining, surface roughness of standardization and complex construction, production, processing various kinds of soft, to participate in the design of new product development ability. Shenzhen Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD. Has special machining ability, is committed to creating the all-round display service platform, and become a manufacturing industry collect in the front of the machine manufacturers, connected way of communication, high precision machining industry improve the precision parts processing precision and quality, improve production processing efficiency. People committed to the diligence of according to itself, let the world see a whole new upgrade, high-grade, the overall strength of China's manufacturing industry. 4, processing equipment and process equipment, precision machining high precision, high rigidity, high stability and automation of machine tools, diamond tool, cubic nitride hop cutting tools, diamond grinding wheel, cubic nitride and grinding wheel, and the corresponding fixture process equipment such as high precision, high stiffness, can ensure the quality of machining. Precision machining should first consideration should have corresponding accuracy of precision machine tools, a lot of precision machining often starts in the design the ultra precision machine tools. And needed to configure tool. At present, the general series of precision mechanical processing machine is less, the batch will not big. Precision machinery of the engineering machine cost is very high, need special order, if the existing cannot meet the requirements on the machine precision machining. Through technical measures or error compensation to improve machining accuracy. First of all, what is the precision parts processing, it is actually a kind of mechanical processing, but is more sophisticated, requiring of production machinery and processes. With industrial development, precision machining classification is becoming more and more direction more and more thin, more and more specialized. In precision parts processing craft route, often arrange the heat treatment process. Location arrangement is as follows: heat treatment process to improve the machinability of metals, such as annealing, normalizing, tempering, general arrangement before mechanical parts processing. Precision parts processing center can realize three-axis or more than three axes linkage control, to ensure that the cutting tool in complex surface 'good' is the basis of guarantee the quality of mechanical parts, and the quality of the precision parts processing and manufacturing, rely on its manufacturing method of blank, machining, heat treatment and surface treatment process to ensure that, so the precision parts processing quality need a whole set of advanced processing technology, on the basis of systemic rather than the processing of a single link, it can be realized. Precision parts processing equipment suitable for large quantity, high precision, processing complex, the circular arc, cone, etc.
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