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What are the requirements for precision parts processing parts hardness? _ precision parts processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-03-21
Now metal material processing and metal processing, is a professional mechanical equipment, all of them, and work is also faster than hand work, if have, mechanical equipment, the total number of hand work can not be considered at this stage, the development trend of mechanical equipment can say the manufacturing industry has already been accepted, automatic packaging machine, folding machine, lifting equipment, electric forklift, such as machinery and equipment, can now said to traffic and other application! High precision CNC processing when high precision machining, selection of raw materials, if not strong, then it will cause processing out of the parts does not consider the application of machinery and equipment must be, because that process must be clear of the provisions of the relevant conditions for raw materials. ! If is a metal composite material processing, so it is its hardness, in a lot of metal composite materials, stainless steel plate is the most hard, but slightly lower the hardness of cast iron, copper hardness under the iron, the aluminum minimum hardness, therefore, the hardness of steel should be high, should choose stainless steel plate, aluminum and low should choose. High precision parts processing technician should master hardness regulations and requirements and common sense knowledge of CNC machining, some components are used in machinery and equipment of high hardness rules, but it generally only in processing steel hardness rules, if the raw material, the hardness is generally not too hard, or it will cause a solid raw materials, all hazard equipment in normal work. Then, in order to have a look at the processing of parts of the actual effect is what, if applied in high temperature industrial production, so, the selected raw materials must be high temperature resistant material, then in other industrial production, pursuant to the selected suitable for industrial production of raw materials.
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