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What are the processing technology of auto parts?

by:Xavier      2020-09-24
As you all know, each car often have a lot of parts and components, and the different components, with the effect is also different. Each of the parts are all according to the different auto parts machining process forming, finally only then can the assembly line to the car, wfi today guys detail of detailed four common car parts processing technology. Auto parts processing technology of casting. Casting is the molten metal into the metal mold casting irrigation lumen, and get the goods after cooling solidification manufacturing processing methods, is widespread in the auto parts processing. In car manufacturing process, many made MAO embryo of cast iron parts, accounts for about 10% of whole vehicle weight, such as cylinder block, steering system, gearbox shell cover, car rear axle housings, drum brake system, all kinds of racks, etc. Commonly used car parts processing and manufacturing aluminum die casting sand mold. Raw material with sand, sand mold and and binder, and water mixture. Sand adhesive raw materials must have certain compressive strength, is conducive to the appearance of the required shape and can resist the erosion of high temperature furnaces and not easy to collapse. In order to shape and sand mould castings appearance consistent lumen, must first be made 3 d modeling, wood called wooden template. After the hot iron cooling water volume becomes smaller, thus, the size of the wooden template must be on the cast iron pieces the size of the original according to the shrinkage increases, basically have to turning processing of surface layer is relatively thick. Auto parts processing technology of forging. In the auto parts processing manufacturing process, generally USES the forging processing method. Forging forging into random forging and three-dimensional modeling. Randomly on the anvil forging is the embryo of metal materials in the impact or work under pressure and molding processing method ( Citizen said 'dental laboratories') 。 Automobile transmission gears and shafts of hair embryo is use the method of free forging processing. Auto parts forging processing of 3 d modeling is the embryo of metal materials in the bore in die mold, bear the impact or pressure of work and molding processing method. Three-dimensional modeling forging resembling the batter in touch with of the cookies look into the whole process. Compared with free forging, forging steel production by appearance more multifarious, more accurate size. Auto parts machining die forgings typicality is: the case of a diesel engine crankshaft and engine crankshaft, automobile front axle, steering rod, etc. Auto parts processing technology of stamping. Auto parts machining using stamping parts are: diesel engine, engine oil pan blank brake system, automobile frames and most of the car body parts. This part generally experience blanking, punching machine, deep drawing, bending and reverse side and repair process and molding. Stamping die to manufacturing stamping parts, must be produced. Stamping die generally divided into 2 pieces, in which a installed in the press about the bed side and drag, and another piece of bed directly installed on the pressure and fixed. Auto parts processing manufacturing process, the embryo into 2 pieces of stamping die, when about die together, stamping die process is completed. Stamping mould processing production efficiency is very high, and can manufacture complex and high precision parts. Auto parts processing technology of metal cutting processing. Auto parts metal cutting machining with CNC blade cascade metal material wool embryo turning; Necessary to make steel appearance, size and roughness of processing methods. Metal cutting processing including millers and mechanical equipment processing two kinds of method , millers is the worker with handmade special tools to carry out the turning machining method, practical spirit is convenient and widely used in the assembly and maintenance. Mechanical equipment processing is relying on the CNC lathe for turning, including: vehicles, shaver, milling, drilling, and grinding method. 1: turning: turning is at the edge of the lathe knife the whole process of fabrication steel of travel. CNC lathe turning right various rotational surface, such as inside and outside the cylinder or cone surface, can also turning inner hole. Auto parts processing a lot of shaft parts and its transmission gear MAO embryo is at the edge of the lathe processing. 2: shaping, planing is in the drilling process by planer knives for machining of steel parts process. Drilling machine suitable processing plane, is the vertical surface, slope and pipeline, etc. Cars on the cylinder block and cylinder head rhyme on the surface, gearbox shell and cover of mutual cooperation plan and so on all use drilling machine processing. 3: cutting: cutting is put in on nc lathe turning tool steel craft process. Numerical control lathe to slope, trench, and even the machinable gear and bevel cutting old commonly used in automobile spare parts processing. Auto body stamping tooling is all with machining. Computer control of CNC milling machine can process very complex steel, is the key to the intelligent mechanical equipment processing nc lathe. 4: milling and boring, milling and boring is the key to the processing hole cutting method.
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