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What are the parts for CNC machining _ precision CNC processing plants

by:Xavier      2020-03-26
What parts precision machining right? Knowledgeable friend should know the rules of the precision machining of precision is high, precision machining of good rigidity, manufacturing high accuracy, precision of the knife, hence high parts machining accuracy regulation. So what parts precision machining right? First, relative to ordinary lathe, CNC numerical control milling machine has the function of constant drilling, no matter for the inside hole is not as straight through the inner hole to be able to use the same angular velocity processing, which is to ensure that the surface roughness value consistent and relativity. The engine lathe is steady speed ratio, straight through the different cutting dosage is different. In steel and raw materials, finish machining capacity and CNC CNC blade blade Angle under certain conditions, surface roughness is the cutting depth and feed rate. On the surface of different surface roughness of machined surface, the surface roughness of the surface of the small a small feeding rate, surface roughness of the surface using larger feed rate, plasticity is very good, this some can't guarantee the plain lathe. Contour and complex parts. Arbitrary plane curve can be used to close to the parallel lines or arcs, CNC precision machining curved cutter radius compensation, to processing a variety of complex contour parts. The application of CNC precision machining quality must be the operators of application. CNC precision machining key have essence, fine boring, milling, fine buffing and grinding processing technology. 1, essence and boring: four axis most high precision light aircraft aluminum alloy ( Aluminum or magnesium alloy, etc. ) Choose this kind of way more parts processing. General use pure natural polycrystalline diamond blade, blade arc with lower than 0. 1μm。 At the edge of the high precision lathe processing 1 microns accuracy can be obtained and the average high contrast wide below 0. 2 microns of surface roughness, precision of the coordinates of plus or minus 2 microns. Precision parts processing, fine milling 2: to processing complex of aluminum or beryllium aluminum alloy parts. With the help of the slippery course of numerical control lathe and the precision of the spindle bearing to get high precision of parts to each other. Application by careful grinding diamond stone tablet in high speed milling can get accurate mirror glass. 3, fine buffing: to manufacture shaft or hole parts. Most choose hardened steel, this part has a high strength. Most of the high precision grinding machine spindle rolling bearing selection pressure and dynamic pressure liquid, in order to ensure high stability. In addition to the limits of precision cutting from the dangers of the lathe spindle and bed body bending stiffness, and selection of the sand wheel and balanced, steel core hole of the related factors of machining precision, etc. Fine buffing precision and 0 1 mu m's specification can be got. Out of roundness of 5 microns. 4, grinding: by using the basic principle of cooperating with each other a mutual on the machining surface curved protuberant location of selected. Abrasive straight through drilling, cutting speed and heat can be precise manipulation, thus get the most accuracy in precision machining technical processing way. Four axis vehicle is in high precision servo motor component of hydraulic or pneumatic mutual cooperation, dynamic pressure yo-yo motor rolling bearing parts processing chooses this kind of way, to be 0. 1 and 0. Microns accuracy and 0 01. 005 mu m roughness of external economy.
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