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What are the mechanical process automation industry technology development

by:Xavier      2020-05-31
What are mechanical processing technology development of automation industry machinery manufacturing automation technology development in our country, should adhere to the basic conditions of our country, not to blindly copy the development of the developed countries, to focus on the basic state policy of our country, with sustainable development as the basic premise, to fully consider the semiconductor test fixture country all levels of reality, suitable for our own machinery manufacturing automation technology development route. 1. Develop practical machinery manufacturing automation technology in our country, is a manufacturing power, machinery manufacturing, though large, but due to the short development time, tooling test fixture base is not strong, and in terms of mechanical manufacturing automation technology is far behind many developed countries. At present, the development of mechanical manufacturing automation technology should take the market as the guidance, a true market development need of automation technology, do not blindly pursuing automation, and ignore the other factors. Really from efficiency to quality, from cost to benefit organic unity machinery manufacturing automation technology is what we should focus on the development of practical technology. 2. Mechanical manufacturing automation technology of the current social development of low cost, all enterprises pursue with minimal investment for maximum benefit. Who can do it, who will be able to survive in the fierce market competition, and gain huge profits. With the rapid development of the our country economy is the rapid consumption of energy. So in the new historical period, the 'energy conservation and emission reduction' has become a theme of development in our country. Machinery manufacturing industry is the foundational industry, tooling test fixture processing for energy consumption is very big, we should focus on development of low cost, low consumption of mechanical manufacturing automation technology, to increase the energy efficiency to the greatest degree, reduce resource waste to a minimum, only in this way can we adhere to the principle of sustainable development. 3. Pay attention to the development of the integration of the development of mechanical manufacturing automation machinery manufacturing automation technology is important, but also to supporting the development of automation components and automation control system, etc. Pay attention to automation, integration of product development and utilization, rather than individually, just for key services as manufacturing automation is one-sided. Semiconductor test fixture is only to develop comprehensive integration of machinery manufacturing automation technology can let us to adapt to international competition situation, ability in the field of mechanical manufacturing automation has higher and faster development. Machinery manufacturing industry has important position in all countries, and the rapid development of automation technology to drive the mechanical manufacturing industry, therefore, the pursuit of the development of mechanical manufacturing automation technology become the mechanical manufacturing industry's top priority. Machinery manufacturing automation concept, is a dynamic industry environment in the new era, is of great significance to the development of world economy, a country only a large number of advanced machinery manufacturing automation technology development, to develop the economy, in order to better gain a foothold in front of the current world.
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