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What are the meaning and symbol of the National Day?

by:Xavier      2020-05-25
What are the meaning and symbol of the National Day? The meaning of the National Day is formulated by a country's National Day holiday commemorating the nation itself. They are usually the country's independence, the signing of the constitution, the head of state birthday or other significant to mark the anniversary of the day; Also some of them are the country's patron saint's day. Although most of these countries have a similar day, but due to the complex political relations, parts of this cannot be known as the National Day holiday, such as the United States independence day only, no National Day, but the same meaning. And the emperor in ancient China acceded to the throne, the birth referred to as the 'National Day'. Today, China's National Day in particular the anniversary of the People's Republic of China was formally established on October 1. In the history of the world's oldest national holiday of SAN marino, in AD 301, SAN marino on September 3, as their National Day. On behalf of the national symbol of National Day anniversary is a feature of the modern nation-state, is accompanied by the emergence of the modern nation-state and appear, and become particularly important. It became an independent country signs, reflecting the character and regime of the country. National Day this special commemorative way once become a new form of nationwide, festival, was carrying reflect the country and national cohesion function. At the same time, large-scale celebration on National Day, also is the government mobilization and the concrete manifestation of appeal. Holiday arrangement Xavier precision machining holiday arrangement as follows, from October 1 ( Tuesday) - - - - - - On October 6, Sunday) A total of 6 days. Early to wish you all a happy National Day, I wish our great motherland, carpet of prosperity, every day is getting better and better in the future.
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