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What are the lathe precision machining accuracy requirements?

by:Xavier      2020-05-06
What are the lathe precision machining accuracy requirements? In today's society, with the development of high and new technology and applications, so for precision clamping fixture in the industry, processing requirements are also more and more high, which, of course, this is relative to the industry, some industries do not need high precision, but some industry must meet the requirements of high. Processing difficulty is becoming more and more big, everyone knows grinding machine is belong to finish on a device in the industry, high machining accuracy. That for many people, I don't know the lathe can meet the requirement of the grinding machine basic clamp fixture machining accuracy requirement! This reflects the precision machining manufacturer of professional and technical level of the cutting. Also shows that with the development of the society is becoming more and more fast, precision machined as society to promote the industry is getting better and better. Xavier prior to this, there is a group of heavy orders, this batch of precision machinery parts used titanium alloy materials, parts shape and the size of the hole machining accuracy requirements are very high, for the surface roughness under normal circumstances need precision machined on the grinding machine, so as to achieve the drawing requirements, do our utmost to meet customer supplied drawings, surface roughness and tolerance and other data. In the most professional master lathe Xavier, yield rate can reach ninety percent, would you like to know the lathe process? ( 1) Coarse cars: the first to use horizontal tank lorry knife shape on both ends for rough turning parts due to small resistance in the horizontal tank lorry knife cutting process, easy to broken crumbs, so using horizontal slot cutter on both ends rough turning effect is better. But as a result of thermal deformation easily in the titanium alloy material in the processing, so must be used in the process of cutting sufficient cutting fluid cooling. ( 2) Semi finished cars: stay parts thoroughly after cooling, using the cylindrical partial knife benchmark cylindrical parts car, a soft claw clamping workpiece shape, shape correction using the micron lever table parts, to precision machining of parts a head, not a process in place. ( 3) Fine cars: parts shape allowance after resection, drilling, boring, guarantee the size and accuracy requirement. Correction parts appearance again, to guarantee the dimensional accuracy in 0. Less than 003 mm, fine car appearance leave allowance 0. 05mm。 Due to the double top ends of inner hole for locating datum, and eventually the appearance of fine car allowance is small, so the essence of drilling and boring and right in the middle of the car shape in a clamping a complete, and make the orifice chamfering, ready for a double top under process. Xavier focus precision parts processing, fixture for 16 years, has a unique processing technology and the technical level of the cutting, completely according to the figure, provide one-stop service, once by the unique processing technology and the technical level of the cutting won Japanese, American, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan enterprises, etc.
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