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What are the important role of five-axis machining?

by:Xavier      2020-09-29
When must be complex or more complex surface parts, 5 axis machining can cause harm in the whole manufacturing process. This apply to all kinds of manufacturing industry in manufacturing industry, include: diagnosis and treatment, the pharmaceutical industry, electric power, aerospace, food processing, government department, electronics, packaging, general manufacturing, etc. 5 axis machining to be accurate rotating parts, such as turbine engine and centrifugal impeller, in which the contour surface can more easily connect with largest manufacturing quality parts; Three axis machining quality level can't do. Is the following 3 axis and 5 axis machining some differences: in the middle of the traditional three axis machining system will have to set several additional are prepared ahead of time and complex parts. Three axis machining system in X, Y, and Z axis move, only provides horizontal and vertical move; But, five axis machining on the shaft and B shaft improved rotation, also provides the across the X, Y, and Z axis of fitness. This allowed in a separate set of machining parts in all different perspective. 5 axis machining and three axis in the middle of the other differences include: five axis machining system can quickly complex. The goods have higher accuracy. Can be more easily browse unable to reach areas. Can shorten the production time and shorten the time of capital turnover. Have high capacity of work station, can rotate faster, but also can easily solve the heavy components. 17 years precipitation concentration and improving the supply chain system, owns more than 100 top 10 international first-line brand CNC CNC machining center and perfect testing equipment, to meet customer demand for precision parts; Has 20 years experience team of engineers per capita, have strong ability of research and development, design, production, assembly, for medical, semiconductor, automation, automobile, optical, and other areas of the different customers with industrial supporting one-stop service, welcome to figure custom!
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