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What are the characteristics of nc machining process _cnc _ precision parts machining manufacturer experienced

by:Xavier      2020-03-30
CNC machining is also known as computer gongs, CNCCH or CNC machine is actually a call there, shenzhen spread into the mainland after the pearl river delta, in fact is the numerical control machine tool, a lot of people in and around Shanghai area called 'CNC numerical control machine' a kind of mechanical processing and manufacturing, is a new processing technology, personnel allocation is the key work process, will be the original manual labor into programming CNC numerical control programming. CNC CNC programming based on drawings to get the process of numerical control lathe processing program. It is the key to the daily task to measure processing knife loci of feed ( Cutter location point known as CL point) 。 Knife site named general CNC CNC center line and the blade surface intersection point, according to the multi-axis machining of cutter axis vector. CNC numerical control machine tool is based on the steel sample figure and the whole process of production technology, the common nc blades, and quantity of each component of the move, rate and position sequence, the rotational speed rate of the main shaft bearing, spindle bearing rotating bearing, cutter clamping, let go of the cutting tools and water cooling, the actual operation, to the requirements of the nc machine tool encoding to write program, enter into the special computer numerical control lathe. Subsequently, nc machine tools based on input command to carry out after compiling, and arithmetic and logic to solve, output various data signals and command, control each part according to the requirements of the migration and orderly posture, processing a variety of different appearance of steel. Therefore, application of personnel allocation for nc machine tools give full play to the efficiency of great harm. CNC numerical control machine tool is important to the means that the command code to program a variety of different ways of input numerical control machine tool equipment, carried out by numerical control machine tool equipment and operations to solve, then spread the differential signal to manipulate the nc machine tools for each of the actual operation of fitness components, then the machining parts. Current nc machine program has two specifications: the international organization for standardization ISO EIA and the electronics industry association. Choose the ISO code in our country. Along with the technical development, 3 d CNC programming generally very little use handmade program, and application technology of CAD/CAM software. CAD/CAM is the key to the aided design software program system, key role with statistical data input/output, and processing of trajectory measure and write, the basic parameters of processing technology and post-treatment technology, nc machining simulation program and database management, etc. Customer's favorite, nowadays in China, CNC programming, fully functional mobile phone software Mastercam, UG, Cimatron, PowerMILL, CAXA, etc. The basic principles of various mobile phone software for CNC programming, image processing method and processing method is different, but each has its own characteristics. CNC numerical control lathe processing has many advantages: 1, a lot of reduce the total number of migrant workers, processing complex parts need not multifarious working clothes. If want to change the appearance and specifications of the parts, only must be altered parts processing program, apply innovative product research and development and modification. 2, stable machining quality, machining accuracy and high precision repeatedly, into four axis craft processing rules. 3, variety, small mass production under the condition of productivity is higher, can reduce the production field management, numerical control lathe regulation and process test of the time, and reduces the cutting time because of the amount of application of the best. 4, the basic way is difficult to process the complexity of surface can be processed.
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