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What are precision machining processing way?

by:Xavier      2020-09-29
Along with the rapid development of manufacturing industry trends, people's way of production and processing methods, in the continued ascent, before the method is very few, now already more and more very much, precision parts processing is the same, then the precision parts processing of a few class methods into what? Precision parts processing production process will have a car, milling, planing, grinding, clamp, stamping die, forging, etc. Stamping die, stamping die is chosen in advance making good grinding tool with high-speed punch for cold salt production processing, the key to carry out the sheet metal processing, the production and processing of material picture most of all board only, production and processing efficiency is relatively high appropriate batch production. And precision metal processing, mold and production process is divided into project continues to mold, mold project is also called single stamping die, some very complicated parts with two sets of grinding tool, and will continue to die in abrasive concave die disassembly separation so much part of the goods in a grinding tool, as high-speed punch press production and processing a schedule is a manufactured product. High speed continuous high-speed punch per minute to production and processing SanSiBaiGe goods. CNC lathes, precision parts processing and precision machining of CNC lathe vest in machinery and equipment, are divided into CNC lathe, automatic lathe, CNC lathe instrument lathe and a computer. It will according to the raw material after clamping, carry out rotation exercise, carried out by milling cutter axial or radial production and processing. Now the automatic lathe and the use of computer numerical control lathe on more and more common. Because these two is full automatic production and processing, the deviation caused by human factors in actual operation precision fell to the lowest point, and production and processing faster, to mass production. Most of today's computer numerical control lathe is equipped with CNC CNC and reverse rotation side rotation, is the lathe can carry out cutting production and processing.
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