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What are precision machining knowledge

by:Xavier      2020-05-14
What are precision machining knowledge with in the continuous development of science and technology, we can see in all areas of the use of precision machining, it made many contributions for domestic machinery processing industry. Today to tell you about precision machining production types, processes, equipment, use of material knowledge, let everybody can have a more detailed understanding for it. First of all we have to tell the production type, the current in the machining industry generally fall into three categories: single small batch production, mass production and mass production. Sheet small batch production is generally applicable to custom non-standard parts production, is generally to their customers, and has the drawings submitted to the supplier, the supplier in accordance with the drawings for process and make the corresponding processing. Mass production is to point to in a certain period of time, once the quality of the production, structure, and the number of manufacturing the same product. A large number of production refers to the product of a single, large quantities, production repeat degree is high, is suitable for the production of standard. Followed by the machining process knowledge, in the precision machining industry in general, includes the drawings, process development, raw materials procurement and testing, production equipment debugging, rough machining, workpiece processing, surface treatment and the mode of transportation of process stages. Equipment, used in machining industry has a precision lathe, milling machine, grinder, cylindrical grinder, edm machine, precision detector, etc. , there are companies such as Xavier in order to meet the customer's production needs, equipped with CNC machine tools ( CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, CNC grinding machine, etc. ) 。 Equipped with facilities also need maintenance, replacement, machining accuracy is + / - 0. 002mm。 Finally about materials used in machining, in general, we use for nonferrous metals, metal materials containing aluminum, zinc, copper, etc. ; Non-metallic materials such as plastic, resin.
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