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What are mechanical processing production process?

by:Xavier      2020-09-29
Nowadays mechanical processing industries, with CNC machining center management, general and CNC lathe processing, CNC lathe machining, precision grinding machine, machining center and walking silk processing machinery and equipment, such as scale can be called mechanical processing plant. Can according to customers to map, sample, finished product inspection or feeding all the way to produce processing, for automation machinery, mobile communications, medical equipment and other components present processing technology, different parts need to choose different CNC lathe machining. The general CNC machining center is mainly to multifarious types of mechanical parts processing, the unique processing technology is divided into rough machining and finish machining. Have a look at the following dongguan machinery factory production process. 。 In mechanical processing factory, the production process is to determine the first material to indicate the engineering drawings processing cycle time, adopts the effective processing technology to the parts according to the machining process of rough machining, finish machining dispatch -> batch production process, quality work of QC member - 10% for spare parts 15% sampling inspection to parts conditioning treatment after rough machining, high precision parts processing in a timely manner after the tempering process and QC inspection processing parts, do a qualified rules don't wrap label the metal surface treatment, metal surface treatment after - 10% for spare parts 15% sampling inspection, the final qualified sticker pack for delivery of the goods. Mechanical machining of parts or a few needs to undertake all inspection! 17 years precipitation concentration and improving the supply chain system, owns more than 100 top 10 international first-line brand CNC CNC machining center and perfect testing equipment, to meet customer demand for precision parts; Has 20 years experience team of engineers per capita, have strong ability of research and development, design, production, assembly, for medical, semiconductor, automation, automobile, optical, and other areas of the different customers with industrial supporting one-stop service, welcome to figure custom!
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