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What about precision machining _ precision machinery processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-03-26
People for precision machining may have different understanding. What about precision machining? How to define the precision machining? What is a definition of precision machining? Xavier precision machinery and mechanical processing factory think: definition of precision machining, according to the process, according to the technological process for each key on the surface of the final production and processing, contain artifacts parallelism, surface smoothness, surface roughness, surface strength, make the parts production and processing precision and surface quality in production and processing more than the whole process of the provisions of the drawings requirements. Parallel provisions parallelism in plain English, that is to say provisions the tolerance of the perimeter of the artifacts, such as rectangular box workpiece, the rules artifacts four angles of thick above a certain tolerance. If can't accurately measure the 4 bao hou of tolerance rules, was not parallel. It also adjust artifacts, again difficult problem will appear in the numerical control grinding machine chuck, chuck because too many applications, case of damage, cause errors occurring in parallel; Sand round it will also be no good repair, or sand round piece appear rupture, gouges where whole pieces were missing, this time again sand grinding wheel piece; Chuck it will also be no clear clean, it also remove chuck again, carefully clean neat; Artifacts without repair is good, it will also be in flash. Flatness provisions to put it bluntly roughness, that is, the side of the workpiece and the road more than tolerance. It is best to understand the means of legitimacy, from the number axis, divided into XYZ on three sides, general provisions XZ, YZ than tolerance. A deviation and parallel degree regulations about. To solve the is generally in accordance with the provisions of the parallelism. Other rules such as smoothness. Requires more than, such as mirror glass actual effect, etc. Shenzhen Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD. , in order to guarantee the machining precision, respectively for rough machining and finish machining. Due to the rough machining, a large number of artifacts by cutting force, clamping force, calorific value, easy to cause surface hardening, workpiece inside a lot of stress, if finish machining and rough machining is continuous, after finishing with the accuracy of precision parts will stress redistribution, will soon be lost. For some components with high machining precision. Roughing and finishing should be low temperature annealing before or after aging treatment to eliminate internal stress.
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