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Ways and features of sheet metal machinery automation processing

by:Xavier      2020-05-05
Ways and features of sheet metal machinery automation processing of sheet metal machinery automation processing mode analysis of sheet metal processing way is diverse, and on the application of continuous cutting way more common, hardware processing customized the processing way and can be divided into multiple directions and processing of single direction. Cutting way of multiple directions is processing for large metal levels. One-way process are stacked on multiple metal parts processing, a set of mechanical Angle, and also have different function, can realize diversified processing effect [ 1] 。 Sheet metal stamping mechanical processing method of the single way of applications, can effectively realize the assumes the circular distribution and pinhole and the distribution of metal processing, complete separation of metal structure effectively, guarantee of a metal product. In addition, the hardware processing factory processing sheet metal machining way of single and multiple continuous processing method on the application of the application of nc machine tool can combine the mold request processing metal parts implementation disposable stretch to finalize the design, so you can get the metal parts and mold to match. And in the way of subsequent finishing, it is late for the metal parts processing and implementation ways of application of the grinding and finishing machining of precise positioning and finely ground effect is good. And application of array forming way, this is the application of nc machine tools, to large-scale production, fast speed of sheet metal products processing target can be effectively. Sheet metal machinery automation processing characteristics reflect the features of the sheet metal machining comparison, hardware processing customized through the application of nc machine tool is more convenient, processing can effectively reduce the cost. The application of numerical control machine tool to process more convenient, and can effectively combine a given by the drawings, so as to achieve the goal of metal forming [ 2] 。 CNC sheet metal processing can greatly reduce the processing time, on the overall efficiency of machining can be improved. In output is able to guarantee the quality of the products, to improve the machining accuracy and effective and can reduce the defect rate to the greatest extent. Sheet metal machinery automation processing, metal processing factory and processing by homogenization and batch processing, in terms of quality can be effectively balanced, can greatly simplify the procedures of the artificial selection. Sheet metal machinery automation processing to industrial technology and modern computer technology to combine, thereby improving the modernization of processing.
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