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Using bakelite manufacturing process analysis of wave soldering fixture production

by:Xavier      2020-05-30
Manufactured bakelite wave soldering fixture of analytical wave soldering process in the field of electronics has always been a very important one job. Its working principle is to make the welding surface of PCB board to come into direct contact with the high temperature liquid tin welding purposes, in the process of the work, need to use fixtures to help them to complete. To protect at wave soldering PCB some components, or the auxiliary positioning plug-in and a fixture design, so that the components can heat shock resistance welding. Manufacturing of wave soldering fixture materials have emerald, bakelite, etc. Explain the bakelite made the following main points of wave soldering fixture. Manufacturing of wave soldering fixture materials have bakelite material. Hard wood such as insulation, do not produce static electricity, wear resistant and high temperature resistance and other properties, become the first choice for production tool fixture fixture production material. Due to its strength can meet the needs of the wave soldering fixture manufacturing, bakelite also have the capacity to isolated current and resistance to high temperature. So using bakelite material welding apparatus can simplify the operation steps, reduce the wave soldering fixture manufacturing costs, improve the quality of the finished product. Save the main points of the wave soldering fixture: when the appliance has not contact with the crest, construction personnel must first fixture for preheating, adapt fixture as soon as possible to the high temperature, also can prevent damage of fixture by high temperature. In everyday use wave soldering fixtures, must pay attention to control, can't overexert, otherwise it will make fixture damage. Stored wave soldering fixture place must be a cool, dry, in clean wave soldering equipment, cure should choose saponification agent, not directly use industrial alcohol. Under the conditions allow, can use ultrasonic equipment for wave soldering equipment to clean. If stored wave soldering fixture is stored in the warehouse with multiple fixtures, keep some space these fixtures, avoid fixture collision damage. The above information is derived from Xavier precision mechanical processing plants, more clamp fixture products please click the link for http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155087 - 0 - 0. html
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