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Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) motor shaft processing

by:Xavier      2020-07-01

unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is already a household name in emerging industries, are widely used in industry, agriculture, military and other industries. Such as unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) for plant protection and environmental protection in a few years ago was recognized by the industry; And our common aerial drones, used to carry the camera device drones, carry out a large number of large aerial, achieve the effect of the air; As well as the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) electrical inspection and testing; And post-disaster relief and so on many fields play an irreplaceable role.

so carrying drones a pivotal parts & ndash; — Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) motor shaft is a high accuracy requirement of parts, we are a professional metal processing custom non-standard precision parts, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) motor shaft: we could do

1, the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav)/high speed motor shaft axis machining accuracy, we can reach 0. 005mm;

2, ensure the quality of the motor shaft surface, optimization and bearing assembly stability, at the same time reduce the seal wear and extend the life of the seal;

3, can realize processing parts of the grain refining, improve fatigue strength;

3, ensure that the motor shaft hardness and wear resistance, reducing wear and tear;

4, is conducive to eliminate the size transition of stress concentration, to prevent the crack initiation, prevent fatigue fracture, prolong service life.

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