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Ultra-precision cutting cutting speed choice

by:Xavier      2020-07-15
In precision machining process, the cutting speed is very important, must have a certain choice, today we say, the cutting speed in the ultra-precision cutting. Natural single crystal diamond tool used in ultra-precision cutting, cutting edge grinding can be extremely sharp. Very high hardness of diamond, it is what we know as the hardest substance in the material. Its good wear resistance, high coefficient of heat conduction, low friction factor between and non-ferrous metals, cutting temperature is low, so the tool life when machining nonferrous metal is very high, can use high cutting speed, 1000 - 2000m/min) And cutter can work a long time and wear very little. The discretion of the cutting speed on tool wear of diamond size have little effect. Ultra-precision cutting for super smooth surface and high machining accuracy, this requires a knife with the size of the high life, whether or not the cutting tool has been wear and tear, will based on machining surface quality is declining out-of-tolerance. The size of the diamond tool life is very high, high speed cutting tool wear is also very slow. So the ultraprecision cutting, the cutting speed is not the restriction of the knives' service life, this is and the common law of cutting different. Ultra-precision cutting actual choice of the cutting speed, is often based on the use of ultra precision machine tool dynamic characteristics and the dynamic characteristics of cutting system, namely choose the smallest speed vibration. Due to the minimum surface roughness when the rotation speed, processing the highest quality. Access to quality of processing surface is the most important of the ultra-precision cutting. Use good quality, especially the good dynamic characteristics, small vibration of ultra-precision machine tool can use high cutting speed, can improve the efficiency of processing. In mass production of computer disk, for example, because of big capacity, high needs, such as cut 5 in ( = 25。 4mm) Disk ( Aluminum alloy) With 3000 r/min, and in the sheet small batch production normally just per min hundreds of cutting speed. For example, SI - shenyang first machine tool plant production 255 of the hydrostatic spindle ultra-precision lathe - in 700 800 r/min vibration. So the ultra-precision cutting by this machine, to avoid the speed range, with a higher or lower than the speed cutting, all can get better machining surface quality. In batch processing hours optional low speed; In batch production requirements can choose high speed high efficiency.
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