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Two forms of CNC lathe processing common is analysed

by:Xavier      2020-07-05

CNC lathe processing is a small part of the mechanical processing, CNC lathe machining what form? Below by our to introduce for everybody:

the first is: fixed tool, mainly for processing in rotating unformed artifacts;

the second is: workpiece is fixed, by high speed rotating workpiece, transverse longitudinal mobile precision machining tool. Can also be used on a lathe drill, reamer drill, reamer, tap, die, and knurling tools for the corresponding processing. Lathe is mainly used for machining shaft, disk, and other rotary surface of the workpiece, is the most widely used in machinery manufacturing and repair factory of machine tool for processing.

a wide range of nc machining is due, because relative to ordinary lathe processing has a great advantage:

1, CNC lathe processing of high precision, high stability, so can ensure the high quality of processing;

2, a high degree of automation, numerical control processing is decoded by the program execution, greatly reducing the artificial repetitive work intensity;

3, numerical control lathe machining parts is changed, you just need to change the CNC program, this greatly reduced the production preparation time;

4, multi-axis linkage, can be capable of processing complicated shape parts;

5, numerical control lathe for operating personnel's quality request is higher.

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