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Turning pieces of processing steps

by:Xavier      2020-07-15

a our article on our turning parts are introduced in detail, for everyone that today we will have a further understanding of turning a specific processing steps:

turning process is an important process of parts processing, mechanical processing according to certain principles, we will be in accordance with before operation, operation, operation analysis later turning pieces of processing steps.

a before operation,

1, the operator must be in strict accordance with the operating rules for wear protective equipment, etc. ;

2, the operator before the operation to check whether each part is normal, sure no problem before I can start.

2, operation

1, to ensure that the workpiece clamping operation, such as cutting tool, the labor, the clamp workpiece;

2, all kinds of machine tools should be low speed idling after boot, make sure no problem can only after operation;

3, machine tool table is strictly prohibited to put other irrelevant things;

4, the operator shall not use hand to remove excess iron filings, should use a special tool to clean up, and stand in a safe place, avoid iron splash when machine movement;

5, in the machine's operation, the operator is prohibited to adjust the transmission or change the operating limits, do not use hand to touch the work surface, in the process of an operation in the measure size, not through the machine tool transmission part of the transfer items;

6, in the process of machining, must strictly abide by the operation rules and may not leave work when the machine is running, and need to cut off power supply when they leave, adjusting speed, stroke, cutting tool to stop, not on when the machine is running.

after three, operating

1, after the completion of the need to cut off power supply, the cutting tool, will handle all the parts back to neutral, and lock the switch box;

2, cleaning equipment such as iron filings, and lubricating oil into the guide rail, to prevent rust.

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