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Turning a process often encounter failures and solutions

by:Xavier      2020-07-17

cutting thread turning pieces of one of the most common process, based on the common thread cutting faults and solution, for example. In the actual thread cutting, due to various reasons, cause the spindle and the cutting tool movement of a link between problems, causes the thread cutting fault impact normal production, should be resolved in a timely manner. Let's learn about the common failures and solutions:

1, the screw thread surface roughness

failure analysis: the problem is the main reason of the cutting tool edge is not smooth, cutting fluid, cutting speed and processing materials do not match, or occurring in the process of cutting vibration.

the solution: oil or grinding wheel grinding tool, and select the matching of cutting fluid and cutting speed, adjust the position of the various parts, ensure the precision of the guide clearance, to prevent vibration of cutting.

2, chew

failure analysis: is mainly due to the tool installation in the right position, either too high or too low, and the clamping workpiece is weak, the cutting tool wear too much

the solution: adjust the height of cutting tool, makes the tip and the axis of the workpiece contour

button 3,

failure analysis: the reason is that when the screw rotation week without artifacts with a integer instead.

the solution:

( 1) When the lathe screw pitch and workpiece is a multiple pitch ratio is no if in return, the open half nuts, the bed saddle to the starting position, then closed half nuts again, turning point is not the former occurs the car out of the spiral groove, so that a disorderly buckle. Solution is to adopt positive method to return the car, which at the end of the trip for the first time, don't mention half nuts, after the knife along the radial direction, turning the spindle, the cutting tool along the longitudinal returned, again on the second trip, so in the process of the reciprocating, because of the transmission between spindle, screw and tool rest without separation, turning tool is always in the original spiral groove, you won't get disorderly clasp.

( 2) About turning lathe screw pitch and work-piece woman spacing ratio into multiple threads and screw rotation, after about half nuts, such as screw around a turn, at least to close to half nuts, such as screw around a turn, the integer times of workpiece, cutting tool can be the top one knife car out of the spiral groove, you won't get disorderly buckle, can adopt open half nuts, so the blade manually. Such return fast, to improve productivity and keep the precision of screw, screw also safer.

4, pitch right

failure analysis and solution:

( 1) Hanging wheel or improper collocation feed box handle position is wrong, cause the thread length on the right, to check the feed box handle position or checking these wheels.

( 2) Local is not correct, due to the collective lathe leadscrew local error, can replace the screw or local repair.

5, integrated by wrong

failure analysis: the reason is turning too big, scale, and failure to measure.

the solution: fine car to check whether the dial is loose in detail, fine car allowance to appropriate, cutting tool edge is sharp, to measure in a timely manner.

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