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Transmission precision assembly method

by:Xavier      2020-05-03
The method of transmission precision assembly ( A) Select qualified parts using performance and quality of parts and components is a basic requirement, gearbox assembly will directly affect the machining small parts assembly in the late effect. Before assembling, need to use professional testing tools to test the size of the parts at once. For parts after heat treatment and forging pieces need to be strict inspection, main attention should focus on the roughness of the material, corrosion degree and cleanliness, etc. , need to be strict to ensure the performance of each parts should meet the requirements. Also shall organize special inspectors to regular spot check the performance of used parts, once the development has not qualified parts, it should immediately stop using this batch of products, focus on the detection. The main way of examination should be from the four aspects of 'listening, asking and', 'hope' is mainly refers to the appearance of the parts for inspection, 'smell' is refers to tap components, and listen to the voice. 'Q' is for use of the specifications of the parts and the qualified indexes about understanding. 'Cut' is the need to conduct a preliminary judgment on the performance of the components on the basis of experience, and then tested by professional inspectors. ( 2) Interference fit parts electromagnetic heating heating method need to use heat bilges cold shrink properties of hole parts, machining shaft before the load shaft parts, through the electromagnetic effect of rapid heating, there will be a certain degree of increase, its volume after load axial parts, will be conducted under the room temperature of heat exchange cooling process, the more delicate finish the assembly work. Previous heating mode is conducted by oil or water the liquid heating, is likely to be this way because there are a few impurities between molecules in parts, in the later assembled box will accelerate in the long-term use of wear and tear, shorten service life. Local heating method using electromagnetic coil through the electromagnetic bearing hole components of internal control, fast heating and will not bring impurities and the situation of the dissolved components, and the heating is even, so bring a greater advantage. ( 3) Directional method of assembling error is inevitably exist, using machining axis directional fitting method by artificial control, error between the parts targeted offset, thus to some extent, improve the precision. At present, the directional fitting method has been used in great quantities in the spindle assembly in the gearbox, which is associated with high precision of the spindle assembly requirements. Directional assembly method also has some shortcomings, but in use process is complicated, need to spend a larger energy, mechanical processing small parts to ensure the quality of the assembly, shaft, bearing, box holes have to be a full range of inspection. Predictably, the directional fitting method in the introduction of gearbox assembly can bring huge advantage.
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