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Tooling and fixture fixture precision parts processing for 15 years, main: CNC machining, precision machining, precision machinery parts

by:Xavier      2020-05-23
Fixture is used to detect? How many kinds of fixture, and how to distinguish? Fixture is a measuring tool and measuring tool fixture is a target, for some testing characteristics of measuring tool, can only for this feature detection. Measuring fixture, measuring tool is universal, there are special, have dedicated, fixture is a measuring tool. Fixture, fixture is used to control the industrial production enterprise product sizes ( Such as pore size, spatial size, etc. ) Simple tools, improve production efficiency and quality control, is suitable for mass production of products, such as auto parts, to replace professional measurement tools, such as smooth plug gauge, to check width gauge, fixture and so on. Measuring tool: measuring tool is short for material measure, it is a kind when using has a fixed pattern, to reconstruct or provide quantitative instruments of one or more of the known quantity. Such as weight, standard cells, color temperature, light, resistor, gauge block, signal generator, and ( Single value or more value, with or without gauge) Gauge is measuring tool. Purpose and classification: 1, the standard measuring tool used to measure or verification of standard measuring tool. Such as block gauge, multifaceted arris body, the surface roughness comparison specimens, etc. 2, general measuring tool also called universal measuring tool. Generally refers to the common measuring tool measuring tool factory uniform manufacturing. Such as ruler, Angle plate, block, calipers, etc. 3 also calls the non-standard, special measuring tool measuring tool. Refers to specifically for inspecting a certain technical parameters and design and manufacture of measuring tool. Such as the inner and outer groove caliper, wire rope caliper, step gauge measuring repetition measurement of the value in the form of fixed appliance. A, how to differentiate between the first generation, second and third generation flexible fixture? The earliest flexible fixture ( The first generation of the G1 flexible fixture) Modular fixture or combination fixture, jig, composition has many characteristics, such as free combination, repeated use, including threaded hole array, profiles, such as hydraulic different forms. The second generation of the G2 flexible fixture refers to the fixture, based on the measuring head has the characteristics of adjustable, quantitative measurement. The third generation of the G3 flexible fixture refers to a new generation of field error detection system, the probe can be set according to user needs to any location, Angle, can also according to the product to adjust the tools, automatic measurement process, testing data into the database directly, higher-end flexible fixture system has the function of error data analysis, data can be used in statistical process control ( SPC) 。 G3 flexible fixture can be a relatively low cost of online detection system. Flexible fixture has some traditional fixture is no special advantage, mainly includes: a flexible fixture with a little tweaking can measure different products ( One-to-many or adjustable, saving storage space, components can be reused) , automatic measurement, automatic data records, high measurement precision, is not afraid of deformation ( Low maintenance costs) , short development cycle, etc. 2) Flexible fixture can replace traditional fixture? Flexible fixture is an important supplement of traditional fixture, some occasions such as the space is little difficult to install the probe can only use the traditional fixture. Flexible fixture are not completely replace traditional fixture. 3) Flexible fixture accuracy? How to guarantee? The accuracy of flexible fixture is through measuring head to ensure accuracy. Because the measuring head can be reset to zero, even if low tooling precision or deformation, as long as the measuring head back to zero, system can automatically complete compensation, basic will not affect the use. 4) What is the disadvantage of flexible fixture? Flexible fixture used the way of measuring head measurement error, so the measuring point is discrete; While traditional fixture type is a reference for measuring datum, measurement point is continuous. The flexible fixture is automatic measurement, need stable power supply; Traditional fixture is usually a purely mechanical measurement, generally don't need the power supply. Shenzhen Xavier precision components co. , LTD focus on tooling and fixture fixture precision parts processing for 15 years, main: CNC machining, precision machining, precision machinery parts processing, etc.
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