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Thick wire-cutting processing of precision metal processing machine tool adjustment steps

by:Xavier      2020-05-08
Thick wire-cutting processing of precision metal processing machine tool adjustment steps of the shenzhen Xavier company is a processing of precision machinery parts processing enterprises, according to the drawing in the processing of parts, in the majority with small and exquisite, sometimes run into big thickness precision metal processing, we usually will thickness is greater than 200 mm, thickness of steel is greater than 70 mm of copper, etc. , as the thickness of the workpiece. Such artifacts in wire-cutting processing, due to the restriction of the electro discharge machining removal in condition, the stability of precision machining process, the cutting surface will form all groove, the processing precision metal surface processing quality after the serious damage, accompanied by the phenomenon of arc burns, pull the cut surface will soon appear broken wires phenomenon. The main cause of this problem are the following: because of the workpiece thickness, when the cutting precision machining, working liquid hard into the gap, electric erosion cannot receive timely removal, can't restore the state of the deionization, discharge schedule would be affected; Due to the gap in the electric erosion of product not discharge in time, become consumed a pulse source of energy in the form of resistance, between the wire electrode and precision metal processing parts lost enough breakdown voltage and a single pulse energy; Workpiece materials within the possibility of impurity increases with increasing thickness, thereby increasing the chances of cutting seam deformation, increase the possibility of a short circuit, in order to overcome the large thickness of workpiece in precision machining difficult problems, need in the machine tool adjustment, working liquid, the wire electrode, electric parameter selection process to take appropriate measures. Below is from the Angle of the machine tool adjustment, to describe. Before the adjustment of the machine tool processing: precision metal processing parts processing precision and accuracy of machine tool has a direct relationship, in order to obtain good quality artifacts, before machining, to adjust the machine, check the machine status, ensure good processing status. 1. To test the machine table displacement precision, when you turn the screw by hand, screw should be flexible rotation. 2. Check for loose godet wheel, wear and tear, such as loose or wear and tear, need to be replaced in time and adjust the 3. According to machining workpiece thickness to adjust the wire frame height, make the nozzle close to the workpiece, avoid wire electrode amplitude is too large, affect the processing quality. 4. Check the wire walking system, adjust the perpendicularity of the wire electrode, wire speed control in 8 - after boot 11m/s. In addition, when making big thickness precision machining, with wire rack, the amplification of the distance between the lower arm, the processing of wire electrode dithering phenomenon will increase, at this moment, can consider to guide wheel between, logoff arm, additional columns, to increase the line frame rigidity and reduce the jitter of wire electrode. The above information is derived from the shenzhen precision metal processing factories, more products please click on the link to see http://www for details. 瓦乌。 cn/products_content- 1161454. html
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