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The use of precision machining for cutting oil

by:Xavier      2020-07-10
Precision machining, at the time of processing parts will use a very important thing, that is processed in the oil, before this, machining useful inside diesel and cutting oil, and then down, then, found that cutting oil are much better than diesel, cutting oil containing extreme pressure antiwear agent, anti-rust agent such as additives, according to different purpose some will also add very good antifriction agent, and diesel is not these, so, when machining cutting oil is the best choice. So what kind of material with what kind of cutting oil? Today we have to say. First of all, according to the requirement of the workpiece material to choose different cutting oil, and cutting oil can produce oil mist and not conducive to observe processing conditions. The operation must be careful. Different material of workpiece, cutting oil is not the same, with cold oil, hot oil, and so on. Here are some instructions about the different material with different cutting oil, for your reference only. Processed material physical and chemical properties of each different, reflected in the cutting operation will be cutting the difficulty and new problems, such as compatibility with cutting fluid. In more difficult to machining materials and its compatibility with cutting fluid were briefly as follows. Aluminum: soft, cutting easy to cut with. Emulsion such as strong alkaline, and aluminum produces chemical reaction, cause emulsion layer. Should choose special emulsion or paraffin base mineral oil for cooling lubricant. Brass: cutting generated when a large number of fine scales, make easily emulsified oil turn green. Containing active sulfur agent can make the processing material change color, such as choosing oil filtering equipment. Bronze: significant plastic deformation before shear, can make the emulsion into green. If choose oil filtering equipment. Copper: stick toughening, cutting chip to produce fine curly, can make the emulsion into a green, affect the stability of the emulsion in active sulphur laying blotch. Equipped with filtering equipment such as selection of agents. Malleable iron: cutting generated when a large number of micro abrasive crumbs with chemical activity. These active fines as filter medium, weaken the activity of emulsion, and can generate iron soap, make it become a reddish-brown, emulsion stability of the emulsion liquid become worse. If the use of agents, must the iron filings with a centrifuge or filter to remove lead and its alloys: free cutting, can generate lead soap, destroy the stability of the emulsion. Such as the use of agents, the agent has a tendency to thickening, to prevent the use of oil with large amounts of fat. Magnesium: cutting when produce fine scales, combustible. Don't usually use water-based cutting fluid, low viscosity oil can be used as a cutting fluid. Nickel and nickel alloy high: local produce high fever, when cutting chip may sintering. Can choose heavy loading emulsion or inactive sulfide oil. Titanium: cutting abradability, combustible, work hardening phenomenon often occurred in the application of heavy duty emulsified oil or oil extreme pressure agent. Zinc: cutting face not neat, difficult to obtain the good finish, and emulsion generate zinc soap, make the emulsion separation, choose the special emulsion. There are other materials and cutting fluid, not list one by one here.
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